Child of the World – Trials – Shake ’em off and Shine


imagesHave you wondered why Christians go through trials? Here are 5 reasons given by John Courson by this very encouraging, informational video – Paul shook off the serpent when he was bitten.

Be guaranteed when you want to shine for God, the enemy(the snake) the devil will hinder you.

5 Reasons why Christians have trials

1. Observation – people are watching – are we in faith because of our blessings? Do we love the Lord the Giver including trials Do others see our faithfulness to worship Him for who He is and what He has done for us.

2. Destination – the Lord has a destination, it is to change your course in life to God’s destination. Jonah – the whale would get him to God’s destination.
When you are faithless, God is faithful – the whale is moving you to God’s destination.

3. Identification – people don’t care until they have been comforted. They cannot  be comforted until they have been uncomfortable. Never seek a peace that comes from understanding. Seek for peace that comes beyond understanding in difficult times – I can relate to what others are going through.

4. Liberation – fiery trials require liberation – 3 Hebrew children their robes were burnt out – set us free from trials

5. Revelation – 3 men walked in the fire with the Son of God – they did not come out till the king called them out. They chose fire of trials with the Lord than with all the world without Christ.

When the serpent strikes, shake it off.


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