The Soul of a Nation

In the late 1930’s, as Adolph Hitler was consolidating power in Germany, one of his major concerns was opposition by Christian leaders in the country. He called the clergy together, giving one of his famous speeches. In the speech, he stated that people, particularly those in his audience, need not worry about their souls.

While the following statements are paraphrased, their meaning is right on.

A single priest stood to confront Hitler. ‘Herr Hitler, we are not worried about our souls, for we know we are saved. It is the soul of our nation that we worry about.’

Image The silence of the assembled clergy behind him was deafening.

Seeing his opportunity, Hitler responded: ‘You may worry about the souls of people. I will take care of the soul of Germany.’

We know the result. Not only this assembled group, but people throughout the world stayed silent.

Nations do not have souls. They have history, cultures, values. Those are the things that determine a nation’s stance and status in this world.

Here in the US and throughout the world countries founded on Christian values, and Christianity itself, are under relentless attack. Revisionist history, international migration are having their impact. Materialism rules.

Each of us must prayerfully consider what we will do to counter these things.

But there is one thing that nearly all of us have the privilege of doing:

Shalom, Art



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