A peace; divinely resilient



by Zoey

The hand of Grace that brushes back the tears

From his child’s face

And gently whispers, Don’t cry, I’m here-

Take hold of my hand.

The hands of Love that gives the gift of time,

To bring the heart

His Joy unfolding,

In Him we find no limit-

A peace; divinely resilient.


The hands of Beauty from ashes, his to mold and make

A vessel for His glory and praise.

One design,

A Master Artist stamp-

upon the heart

A Cross is sketched.


The hands of Mercy outstretched,

Set the crimson seal-

When on the heart it falls

like drops of purest gold…

for all eternity

It is Finished!




About Tapestry Treasures

Christian based blog, sharing our everyday walk of faith in God.
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3 Responses to A peace; divinely resilient

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Peace the gift of God’s love.

  2. Reblogged this on Tapestry ~Treasures and commented:

    Be Glad and Rejoice with ALL your heart!

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