Three Little Deer and the Grand Owl

One of my passions is writing, in particular, children stories.  I hope that you enjoy this sampling, as the Lord brought into my path…three little deer.  Blessings ~Zoey


The Three little deer and the Owl: a story for all God’s children big and small.

The meadow was the prettiest place in the forest this time of year. Late spring brought all God’s creatures out to enjoy the warmth of the sun after a long cold winter. The light rain showers refreshed the flowers to bloom in bright colors of oranges, yellows and pinks. Purple fox gloves and lupines marched across the wide open meadows as far as the eye could see. Sunsets were washed with golden beams behind the majestic mountains in the distance. Each new day the sun rose gloriously to kiss the blue sky with puffy white clouds.

Up high in the white oaks lived the Grand Owl. He was a very wise old owl. Some in the forest said he was seen sleeping with one eye closed and one eye opened.

owl wink

Peacefully, the deer family grazed on the tender grass of the meadowland. The three little deer loved to play hide and seek through the open spaces. They loved to frolic and chase butterflies behind the tall grasses and shrubs.

Something alerted the wise old owl from below his perch in the tall oak. His keen senses told him danger was near. He quickly peered over the grassland. Down by the river was a young cougar! His eyes widen brightly with alarm as he spied the three little deer, drinking further down the shoreline.


Moving like a stealth fighter jet, the owl took flight soaring from the tall oak tree. Meanwhile, the cougar -slouching low in the grass, disappears in the shrubs as he makes his approach on the unsuspecting younglings. Just then a loud screech is heard that stills the sky. The owl with steel- like talons takes a hold of the cougar by the nap the neck, lifting it effortlessly away from the river.   A punishing drop to the canyon below left the cougar to a doomed fate.


The Grand Owl returns to circles above the meadowland. The family of deer could be seen in the distance, the younglings safely tucked close to the mother’s warmth.



All is well again in the prettiest place in the forest. The old sentry takes his place again, perched on the old oak tree.

owl wink2

Some say they have seen him sleep with one eye open and one eye closed. (WINK)

The end.  ©Zoey

The moral of the story:            wise owl_1.17.14

Job (12:7-8):

Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you“.

This is dedicated to Jim Voigt (blogger), thank you for reminding us that God doesn’t make junk…He makes awesomeness! To challenge us to follow our passions and God will meet us in the midst.        ~Zoey

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6 Responses to Three Little Deer and the Grand Owl

  1. jennisahagun says:

    My friend, you are truly God gifted. I am so very blessed that God is allowing you share this with us. I love His creativity in you and I love you. ❤ Well Done!

  2. A wise owl who watches over us…warns us often and shows up at just the right time…though not always our time. Great story! Thanks for sharing it. Xx

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Good story Zoey. I have added this to the Category of Children’s Corner.

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