IHS 16 – The adaptors

There are two major aspects of this talent. The first is the idea of change. Adaptors love change. ‘It is something different’, being said as a positive thing, is a common phrase for adaptors. They like to try different things and therefore they love spontaneity.

The adaptor talent is considered a relational talent. It is mostly seen used relating to people. Therefore, adaptors can be great change agents. They can help people deal with change. When introducing change into an organization or ministry, if the adaptors see it as a good idea, they will help other people through the change.

There are a few aspects of change that are important for the adaptor talent to fire. It must be a change that is potentially good. It should be about something in which the person has some interest.

The second aspect about the adaptor talent is that it is often focused on the here and now. Adaptors are often very much in the present. They don’t often think about the future, unless it is about the change coming in the future. Because of this, they are often unaware of the time.

If you want an adaptor to do something tomorrow, ask them tomorrow (or get them to put a reminder on their phone for tomorrow!). They don’t want to think about tomorrow, just the here and now.

This can be seen as a great weakness for ‘leaders’. Adaptors will need to deal with this by coming up with a system that will help them do things ‘tomorrow’. This might be through using a calendar system on a phone, or having a PA deal with the day’s list of options.

Adaptors often need some sort of pressure to get things done. Otherwise they just drift through the here and now, particularly when they are with people. So having a system which will create a pressure to get things done can be important for them.

I’ve seen two different types of adaptors. The first are those who had lots of change when growing up. They moved regularly and experienced different homes and schools. Therefore they became used to change and embraced it.

The others are those who had very little change growing up. These love the idea of change because it is different to what they experienced as a child.

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I am a strengths coach and Bible teacher. I love helping people find out their talents, how they operate, what is special about them and how they can most effectively use who they are. I also love helping people understand the scriptures and through that come to a better understanding of God. I blog about this on ontoxenos.wordpress.com I'm married and have two young children and together we try to follow what God has for us.
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1 Response to IHS 16 – The adaptors

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Adaptors – seems like they are fun people to have in a church – not opposed to change presumably for the better and not for degradation.

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