Pray for Israel in Travail

We do not know when the end will be.

Signs of the times before the end  which are likened to those spelt out in the Word of God  are coming in view.

What we know is that Israel will be the focus of all nations who would eventually be vanquished and Israel will be in travail before the end.

We must pray for Israel in travail.

Pray for         search

– Israel’s national  authority will have resolute perseverance to stay the course  as The Lord  gives  them wisdom and discernment.

– Israel will remember the Lord’s promise that He will never forsake them.

–  the people of Israel will turn to the True and Living God and especially acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah who came two thousand years ago to save the lost and that He will come again as the Victor over all His and Israel’s enemies.

–  the Lord will provide the way of escape when the trials become more than they can bear,  especially for those who have accepted Him as Savior and Lord.

– though physical death may be the way of escape from the travail for many,  pray that more Israelis  will accept Jesus  Christ as Savior  with hope of eternal life.

– even so come quickly Lord Jesus.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

GOD The Father CHOSE Jerusalem (II Chronicles 6:6).

GOD The Son CRIED over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41).

GOD The Holy Spirit CONFIRMED His Word in Jerusalem (Acts 1:4 & Acts 2:1-5).

With these few thoughts from Holy Writ, do you ‘wonder’ why we find in Psalm 122:6,








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5 Responses to Pray for Israel in Travail

  1. secretangel says:

    Amen… I stand with you in prayer!

  2. Bill Hayes says:

    I would have thought that Jesus would be praying for those unfortunate victims on both sides of the conflict. Suffer the children……..

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