It’s the Little Things

1 Corinthians 10 31Every expectant mother anticipates the day she will meet her child for the first time. It is indeed an amazing moment when she first gazes into the eyes of her newborn babe. First-time moms have many visions in their heads about what to expect in those early days. Glossy magazine covers and colorful pages are filled with smiling mothers who look well put together and happy, dressed-up babies that do nothing but coo and giggle. There are many special moments like these ones, but the reality is that new moms will often spend a lot of time calming a crying infant, changing dirty diapers, washing stained clothes and milky baby bottles, and cleaning up after the baby. It may not be glamorous work, but it is still important work that moms should try to do with a joyful heart and for the glory of God. (Even if it is a challenge at three in the morning!)

God cares about little things we do like housework that only He sees as much as grand things like public speaking in front of a captive audience. Our work never goes unnoticed. Ever. It should scare us a little and greatly motivate us to know that our Heavenly Father is always watching us. With every breath we take and each action we make, we have a choice whether we will honor the Lord or cave into our fleshly, selfish desires. Our attitudes will help dictate our decisions, so it is important we remain in God’s Word and let it affect our thought life. Some days are definitely easier than others. During our most challenging moments we can ask God to help us keep a Christ-like mentality and to give us an inspiring verse to dwell upon for that day. We can pray for the strength to make it through from sunrise to sunset. God loves us in spite of the wrong choices we may make in a day. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over them. We can ask for His forgiveness when we make a mistake and then repent moving forward. It is simple to conclude that certain mundane tasks don’t matter to anyone, but keep in mind that they do matter to God.

The next time you fold the laundry or take out the trash, do it with a thankful heart. Try hard not to grumble or complain. You are blessed with clean clothes to wear and items to consume that meet your needs. Everything we possess is from the Lord, and by being good stewards of them we are acknowledging these things as blessings from above. May we use all that we possess and that comes across our path for the glory of God. Being a parent is exhausting, all-consuming and overwhelming. It is also exciting, wonderful and richly rewarding. Every child is a gift, even though raising a child poses many expected and unexpected challenges at each stage. Ask the Lord to show you the areas in your life you need to give over to Him. Let Him show you how to transform the ordinary ho-hum into extraordinary “glory moments” that will further the Kingdom of God.

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  1. ptl2010 says:

    Welcome back, happy mom!

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