Helpless On Our Own

Romans 5 6Babies learn to do a lot in utero. They practice sucking, swallowing and developing their five senses. When they are born they have even more to learn. They cannot lift their heads on their own, or even feed, bathe and clothe themselves. They need help just going to the bathroom and simply getting comfortable. Newborn babies are pretty helpless without their caregivers. They let out a piercing cry whenever they need something. A lot of times they just want to be held close to their moms and know that they are loved. When you and I first accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior we had to acknowledge that we too were helpless to secure our salvation. We will never be good enough to make it into heaven. As we mature in Christ, we learn more and more just how much we need to cry out to God for help with every area of our lives. 

The world is constantly sending us messages on ways we can help ourselves. If we are able, we help ourselves to more food when we are hungry, we try the latest fad diet to help ourselves lose weight, and we take courses to improve ourselves or get in touch with our inner selves. We are bombarded with messages that tell us we can find the power within ourselves to heal physical and mental damage or to become the best we can be. Satan convinces us we need to embrace ourselves without any help from God. We had to come to the end of ourselves to become followers of Christ. We had to cast off the old man and put on the new man. We realized that there is nothing inherently good about us. We were born into sin and have a sinful nature from birth. It is human nature to be evil. Only Jesus Christ can free us from sin. Only He can help us become the people God intended us to be when He created us. We must be transformed into the image of Christ and let go our selfish and fleshly desires. It requires total and complete submission and obedience. We are His bondservants for life.

The Lord has given us many tools to help us in this life. The Bible says we should pray continually. We need God’s help with the things we think about and the words that come out of our mouths. We need to rely on God when situations are out of our control. We need to ask God for discernment before we make difficult and important decisions. We are helpless with Christ, and we should go before Him in prayer when we need direction and guidance. We need to read God’s Word. He will speak to us through His Word and help us take on the right mentality or course of action. The Holy Spirit can also help us when we cannot find the right words to pray or say. He will empower us and help us walk in righteousness. We should tap into the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. He is a great resource in our times of need. We also have fellow believers to turn to for support when we need help. Perhaps their testimonies can offer encouragement at the right moment. Fellow believers can hold us accountable for things and steer us back into the right direction when we find ourselves going off course. We can do all things in this life through Christ who will give us strength.

Jesus Christ loved us when we were still weak and helpless sinners. We had nothing to offer Him expect our ugly and broken selves. No man in his right mind would be willing to die for us in our filthy, unrighteous and unholy state. He helped you by dying on the cross for your sins and offering you eternal life, and He can help you with whatever it is you are facing in your life today. Whether it is a broken arm or a broken relationship, God knows what you need. Just ask Him to help you, and He will respond in one way or another. We always have unlimited access to God, and we’ll never get a busy signal on the other end. The Lord loves it when we remain close to Him, and we can see just how much He cares for us when we trust Him to help us. Be thankful that the Lord is always there for you when you need Him!

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