Awaiting A Heavenly Reunion

Philippians 3 20 21

A week ago my Bible study group got together one last time to say goodbye to our leader before he and his family moved down south to Texas for a career opportunity. It was a bittersweet gathering. On the one hand it made my heart happy to know his family was making the best decision for their future, but on the other hand I knew I would miss them something terrible. When the military first relocated us to Erie, Pennsylvania, USA my husband and I didn’t know anyone. By divine intervention, we met each person in our small group. Our Bible study leader and his family connected with us immediately because of the loss and grief we both shared in trying to expand our families. Together our small group has shared testimonies, lifted up prayers, broken bread, kept accountability, studied God’s Word, endured hardships, carried burdens, celebrated blessings, worshipped and praised the living and Almighty God, and enjoyed sweet fellowship. As a military spouse, I have to say goodbye to dear friends often as my family moves about the country from place to place. I take comfort in knowing that someday my Christian friends and I will all be together again in heaven as fellow citizens with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Someday we will have a heavenly reunion, a meeting in the clouds. I look forward to seeing the people I love again. I cannot wait to see my grandparents and my uncle whom I sorely miss. They will not have the sick and broken bodies they had as they left this world, but new bodies free of pain and disease. I want to hug the children I never got to meet on this Earth. I anticipate catching up with friends who here on Earth were separated from me by many miles. I get excited to shake the hands of the heroes and giants of the Bible. The military calls each of my family’s relocations a “permeant change of station.” As a Christian I know the truth: My permanent home for all of eternity is in heaven. Here we are all aliens and strangers just passing through and sharing the Good News along the way. What a glorious day it will be when we leave this fallen world behind and say hello to the One who created us and loved us enough to give us His life so we may live with Him forever. In heaven we will experience the fullness of the Trinity. We won’t be worshipping from distance, but worshipping right there with our Creator. You and I and every believer will have a giant family reunion with our Heavenly Father.

The splendor of heaven is beyond all comprehension. Think of the most amazing sunrise and sunset you have ever seen. Visualize the best vacation you ever took. Imagine all of the destinations you wish to visit. Conjure your most precious memories with friends and loved ones. Dream of all you find indulgent. Heaven will be so much more magnificent, beautiful, perfect and satisfying to our souls. We will want for nothing. We will be at peace. There will be harmony. We will be ever present with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Just as the butterfly in the above photo, we will each undergo an amazing transformation as we partake in our citizenship. Do you get excited thinking about all that awaits you when you leave this world? Are you certain of where you will go when you die? If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repented of your sins, then you can rest assured that you have secured a special place in heaven. No matter what happens here on Earth, the promise of heavens awaits us!

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1 Response to Awaiting A Heavenly Reunion

  1. ptl2010 says:

    What a day of rejoicing that will be – no more sorrow, no more pain and surely no more tears. Yes, I am looking forward to that day with reunions galore. Praise God that Christ’s own have hope in Him because of His resurrection.

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