Faith Child – How to face the last days without fear

Derek Prince tells us how to  face the last days without fear.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Titus 2:11-14

1. Time of severest testing

2 Tim 3:1 Know this that in last days perilous  (fierce) times will come

Reason is deterioration of human character moral ethics

– lovers of self, lovers of money, lovers of pleasure more than lovers  of God

Matthew 23:7-13 Birth pangs that will issue into the kingdom of God

– of individual and the regeneration of the earth

Matthew 24:7-13

– nation against nation – ethnic conflict

– kingdom against kingdom

– famines, pestilences  earthquakes

– Christians  –  persecuted, hated, offended, betraying one another

– false prophets , lawlessness

– love of many Christians  will grow cold

– need for endurance to the end will be saved.

How to face last days without fear

Revelation 1:10-17

John encountered Jesus as Judge of Church and the rest of the dead

2 Corinthians 5:10

All Christians must appear before judgment seat of Christ for good or bad actions.

Jesus laid his hand on John and said “Do not be afraid” – Jesus as total victor over all forms of evil – sin, death, hades.

By the grace and mercy of God we have victory.

7 lampstands – seven churches = God’s primary concern in history is church – zealous unto good works and perfect

mystery of 7 stars – angels/ ministers of 7

Not in church – no message .  God speaks individually. I know thy works

Not what we say but what we do. First comment to at least 5 churches is to repent.

First condition is repentance toward God and faith to Jesus Christ

Second condition – overcome to the end. He who overcomes will inherit all things.

Rev 4 – glory of God – vital – Throne  in heaven – occurs 14 times – rules everything in the universe – aspeects of God’s character

– Holy is the Lord of hosts

– he is Almighty

– he is Eternal

– he is the Creator

Knowing God will help us face end times

Chaper 5 – the Scroll sealed with 7 seals – who is worthy to open the scroll

Scroll is God’s plan to close the world – when Jesus became Jew not for 33 years only

as He is Lion of Judah in heaven. An angel asks who is worthy to open the seal. No one was found worthy to open the scroll. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed.

The strength of God is not physical but in broken spirit. Don’t climb upwards but bend downwards to  I C0r 1:25 – foolishness of God the cross- weak the crucified man.

2 Timothy 2 : 11-12 faithful saying if if we die we shall live, if we endure we shall reign with him. Every one who exalts himself will be abased. God exalts the abased. If want to be exalted, come down.  Personal ambition is problem of Lucifer and every one who seeks to promote himself will be abased.

Worship – when you prayer it . is like incense to God Worship started from centre round the throne. Millions of angels – worthy is the Lamb… v13 every creature in heaven, on earth and below the earth, to every creature in universe united in praising God.

Chapter 6 – 4 horsemen  – commanded from heaven

White horse Jesus riding out through the earth conquering and undefeatable

Psalm 45:1 -5 Messianic Psalm – fairer than sons of men – blessed because of grace on his lips . Arrows of Holy Spirit conviction.

Second horse – red horse – take peace and sword – ethnic conflict in many lands.

Third horse – black horse – scales and balance in his hand – shortage and rationing, a working man will get enough to  feed for the day, rich reserve wine and oil – In midst of poor are the rich who are self loving.

Fourth horse – pale horse – death and hades – hunger famine and widespread Death claims body of men, Hades claims the souls of men –  affecting a fourth part of the earth.

The white horse has to stay ahead of others  with mercy.

What are you doing brothers and sisters? The Lord says “I know your works”.

Very often it is not the gifted but the committed people who get the job done. Availability is important.

Isaiah 24:6  neither wealth nor social position will protect you.

The inhabitants are burnt and few are alive. Prelude v 21-23 – punish the exalted prince of the earth and rulers , moon and sun disgraced vs glory of God . No birthpangs no birth.

Good news for Jews Revelation 7 – after complete destruction of the earth – 4 angels holding winds of earth not to blow – do not harm earth sea and trees – there will be sealing of 144,000 of Israel . v13 – those coming from great tribulation – will conclude evangelization of the world

Revelation 14 – 144000 with Lamb on Mt Zion. The seal name of Jesus and the Father and sang a new song, not defiled with women, follow the Lamb wherever he goes, redeemed among men. set aside by choice of God for specific reason. No guile.

Antichrist also sealed  those who accept him.

Jesus in the Throne room is in midst of Church. He will not leave us alone. In Revelation 19 when He rides on white horse – He is faithful and true.

Acts  2>14 – be saved from this perverse generation.

You need to be saved from this ungodly generation, come out, be changed to escape the judgment of God.

Are you ready for the judgment day of the Lord?

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