Soldier of Christ Jesus

zI was standing in the young mans living room thinking; I can’t believe this guy called 911.  Terrible right?  Insensitive, I know.  It’s what I was feeling at the moment.  We’d been busy and I was tired.


Ministry was just about the furthest thing from my mind at that point.  The idea of praying for him wasn’t even a question that had entered the realm of possibility for me.  I was in “get in get out” mode.

That’s why it was so surprising when the Holy Spirit suddenly impacted me.  I was just about ready to leave (the patient decided he didn’t want to go to the hospital) when I felt something familiar shift and swirl inside.  My thought process was:  What’s that?  Oh it’s the Holy Spirit.  Really??


Often when the Lord leads me to minister in whatever way I feel heavy with love and compassion before I began to hear how to minister.  This time it was the equivalent of God shouting, “Hey, hey you!  I want you to love this guy!”


It had to be that way as I said I wasn’t in the mindset to hear Him any other way.  And you know what, I still didn’t feel love and compassion fill me right then.  It wasn’t until I made the choice to be obedient, walk over to the guy and ask him if I could bless him that I began to feel the love and compassion of God fill me.


He agreed that I could pray for him and so I began to speak the words God gave me.  I prayed healing over his body, over his mind and however else the Lord led me.  When I was finished I asked him how he felt and he smiled while telling me how much better he was.  Peace and love had filled him and with it healing.


I was reading in 2 Tim chapter two when I came across something that made me stop.  Paul says in verse 4 that no soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of civilian life.  His aim is to please and satisfy the one who enlisted him.


I thought of the story I shared above and began to see just how easily we can become entangled by the things surrounding us.  The natural world we live in is often what we see the clearest.  It makes sense because it’s what we see with our physical eyes and take in with the rest of our senses.


But this world is ruled by Satan and his kingdom and so many times what we see so easily is pain, suffering, destruction, selfish ambition, hopelessness, sickness, depression, etc.  When that becomes our focus we’ve let the kingdom of God blur and we get entangled in everything Satan came to bring.  It affects us, brings us down, and causes us to retreat into ourselves.  We loose sight of what God want’s to do through us in the lives of others.  We loose sight of what He want’s to do in US.


But Satan isn’t the one who enlisted us.  We’ve been enlisted by Jesus and been called to focus on His kingdom.  Focusing on His kingdom will also greatly affect us.  It will lift us up, cause us to raise our eyes and look at what God wants to do around us, in us, and through us.  We will see the intense love He has for others and hear His voice, leading us into ministry.  It will save us, setting us free from the influences of this present world.


So focus on hope and let despair blur.  Let selflessness, love, light, restoration, hope, worship, healing, faith, joy, peace, kindness, patience, gentleness and every other aspect of God’s Kingdom blur everything our adversary uses to try and steal our focus.




Jesse and Kara Birkey


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1 Response to Soldier of Christ Jesus

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Soldiers must be ready to act in season and out of season – at all times even when surprised in a predicament. . Imagine! or we will be captured by the enemy and be tortured by shame and guilt he inflicts on us. The Israeli soldiers come to mind.
    Good reminder Jesse. Let us always be ready no matter how we feel for the Lord is our strength and His grace is sufficient for us.

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