You Are Not Alone – Manuscripts of God – Inspirational Bible Verses

You Are Not Alone – Manuscripts of God – Inspirational Bible Verses

God Philippians 2 13 you are not aloneThe more “spiritual” that I think I become, the more I realize that the less spiritual I really am.Allowing God to teach us to grow helps us realize how vulnerable that we really are. It is in realizing this that we must simply give everything over to God and quit struggling to do things on our own.
God requests nothing special of any one of us. He requests nothing we are to do by ourselves, and nothing that we are to do without Him. He with His blood atonement is both the work and feeling.It does not matter what the situation is; if your marriage is a disaster; if you are broke and jobless, or if you feel as if you are standing on the edge of a cliff – feeling like you want to jump.
There is no situation that you can encounter that He is not in complete control of. If you are feeling desperate and full of despair, penniless or even homeless, give them over to the Lord. Let God take your feelings of being lost and forsaken, with no hope at all, and He will stand in the gap for you. He will bear your burden, carry your sorrow and you will realize that He is always working for your benefit, giving you the strength to rise above it all.
No matter the situation, you are not alone. Philippians 2:13 – God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

What a powerful revelation we read here in Philippians. We must submit ourselves and allow God to be our strength, and  He will work miracles in our life. He will give us the courage and desire to do that which is pleasing in His sight. God has committed himself to affecting our “obedience” for His own good pleasure, and by being covered by the blood, we are what pleases Him.

If we try to be the masters of our own destiny, and set aside the Master plans for our life, we are destined for certain failure. It is ingrained in us by our own human nature to take control of our own lives. This is more innate in us than we realize.  We must give our will to Him, which in turn allows Him to carry out His will in our lives. This in turn releases Him to accomplish the things in our lives that will lead to our success as we are able to do that which pleases our Lord.

Ever patient and always faithful, God delights when we turn to Him and submit our will to His. By doing this we receive his grace and mercy and reconnect with his loving plan for our lives by placing our reliance in Him. Our heavenly Father gathers all of our thoughts, formed and unformed and aligns them into the proper conduits to achieve the blueprint that He has designed for our lives.

As He unfolds all our will, thoughts, mind and emotions in the right direction, our lives will open like a Morning Glory as it opens it petals to take in the morning dew. Our lives will become a beautiful flower as He opens the petals of His design in us so that His divine purpose may be performed. Knowing this we should all be encouraged, and not be afraid, for what a wonderful reassurance it is to have the arms of the Almighty God wrapped around us, supporting us, ensuring our success!

God is the Author – We are the manuscripts of His pleasure.

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2 Responses to You Are Not Alone – Manuscripts of God – Inspirational Bible Verses

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Quit struggling -one of the hardest things to do – it shows our will differs from His in the situation – if only we will remembers at such times that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours – we will suffer less pain, shame and humiliation. The Lord help us to surrender to His will – He gives only the best.

  2. wayneman says:

    You are so right. He did say, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Very comforting.

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