IHS 23 – The connected

There are some people who are very aware of connections, whether this is connections between people, or connections with the other (God). These connections are often seen as part of the spiritual reality. When these connections are in a good state or being created, then these people are energized. When these connections are broken, through conflict or an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality they can be drained.

Often the connected like being outdoors. They like to be within nature as this can give them a chance to connect with God. For many outdoors can be a more spiritual place.

The connected also see reasons for things happening. It often comes from their connection with God. They see God moving in everything that happens. This often gives them a great sense of peace that God is in control. In a pastoral context this can be very helpful.

The connected love the idea of a whole rather than the parts. They like bringing people together, rather than breaking them down in groups. They can often get frustrated with people when people don’t see that their actions affect other people. This is particularly true when it brings division.

They are often more big picture people, rather than detail people.

About Nate

I am a strengths coach and Bible teacher. I love helping people find out their talents, how they operate, what is special about them and how they can most effectively use who they are. I also love helping people understand the scriptures and through that come to a better understanding of God. I blog about this on ontoxenos.wordpress.com I'm married and have two young children and together we try to follow what God has for us.
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1 Response to IHS 23 – The connected

  1. rickroehm says:

    When I think of being connected I think of having a union with the Spirit of God that makes continuity between my Savior, myself, and God the Father. Thank you Nate for sharing…

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