Prayer Request – EBOLA!


Let us pray that the Ebola threat will be controlled in Africa, that effective medicine will be identified to stop the spread of Ebola and for recovery from it.

Ask The Lord to restrict its spread to other countries.  The Lord could easily wipe it clean.

Ask for God’s mercy and grace for Ebola sufferers and give them another chance to live for Him.

We need to learn the lessons He is teaching us – man is not God, not all- knowing, all powerful and everywhere , even at the fast rate of IT and technical knowledge expansion.

We  need to follow up on surviving families and their children if we can.

God  is working all the time  though sometimes we do not see transitional arrangements – we know He is working and we just need to follow His direction and leading.




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2 Responses to Prayer Request – EBOLA!

  1. Amen. I am standing in prayer with you and those who are directly affected by this terrible virus. ~Zoey

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