Praise the Lord testimony – Sir, I believe

Last night, while preparing for my mission trip to Nepal  with the speaker, I heard about the miracles that only God could do in India with the SEED Ministry.

One testimony was of a local  Buddhist driver who was assigned to the ministry team. He drove for the team as they travelled  to and from Siligiri, India.

After two days of listening to the gospel being preached, and witnessing the many miracles that took place at the miracle rallies, he told the speaker on reaching their hotel after service the second  night – “Sir, I have listened, I have watched for two days. I believe.” Straight away the speaker shared the gospel of Jesus Christ  message with him to affirm his desire to know the Lord. He was led in the sinner’s prayer and was jubilantly saved.

Next day, when he arrived to pick them up for that night’s rally, he told the speaker  “Sir, I called my wife who is working as a home assistant  in Singapore and told her that I became a Christian last night. She wants to become a Christian too. Can you please send some one to help her become a Christian and  bring her to church when you return to Singapore?”

The next day he was to send the team to the airport and they were not stopping by Siligiri en route to the airport. He insisted that the speaker must needs go to Siligiri to speak to his boss, a Sikh as he had told his boss that he had become a Christian.  The speaker agreed and the three of them sat in a coffee house for two hours. The Sikh boss  asked endless questions and  soon  they had to leave for the  airport.  The speaker gave him a local contact to ask more questions if he had them. The Sikh however said “Sir, I believe, I want to become a Christian now – tell me how”. And again the preacher shared the gospel of Jesus Christ   and the Sikh became a Christian  by. accepting Him as his personal Savior.

What a testimony of how one miracle was multiplied to three conversions. So as the SEED ministry teams visit there are not only big healing and miracles during the rallies. Jesus is alive and touches  individual lives along the way.  He saves and rescues from the grip of sin and other beliefs.

It reminds me of when Jesus felt He “must needs go through Samaria. ”

How many times has the Lord nudged us to people and places we must not miss for Him? Have we been obedient or missed the opportunities of experiencing God?

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5 Responses to Praise the Lord testimony – Sir, I believe

  1. rickroehm says:

    …pierces into the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit, joints and the marrow, and is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  2. wayneman says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Very inspiring. Seems at times it is difficult to have an experience like this here in the USA because the population seem jaded, having tired of hearing about the Savior since childhood. May God bless you richly on your missions there in Asia.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thanks Wayne. I agree in ” Christian” countries people have become jaded with the gospel message, and it includes Singapore too – our challenge no longer are the locals but the many immigrants among us.

      The doors are also slowly opening in several ASEAN countries and we must make haste while the sun shines, before doors are closed again. Pray for those who are sent that they will have wisdom and discernment as they walk the
      “official” tightropes. Pray for the converted for courage and faith, as they may be ostracized from families and community.

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