Praise the Lord testimony – Silver and gold have I none

“Sir please wait for one more hour – my friend is on the way” . The speaker of SEED Ministries waited for another hour after the Miracle Rally although it was late and he was worn out. The friend came trembling bent at 45 degrees and aided by  a walking cane. His four friends had travelled for four days with him and he came forward to the speaker so appreciative that they had waited for him.

The speaker told him as he laid his hand on the big growth on the back of the man: “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give unto you. In the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord,  straighten up”. The man  threw down his walking cane and bolted  up straight as a rod, and began to walk round the platform. After thanking God he ran out of the rally venue leaving his walking cane behind. Where did he go? nobody could tell but next morning he appeared with his wife who  thanked the speaker  and praised the Lord for deliverance and healing. No, he did not need the cane anymore and would return to his village to tell the story.

Another, a deaf and dumb mute. He came and told the speaker that something had happened. For many years he had been deaf and dumb and when he came to the meetings he began hearing the music. It was beautiful and as the meetings progressed he could hear voices and that day he came to speak and to say what he could not say for many years. The Lord touched him even without the speaker praying for Him. He felt the Presence of God and believed for he felt hungry to be healed and he was healed. Praise the Lord!

Freely you have received, freely give. I am sure those healed would return home to tell the good news of the power of God in their lives and there will be souls saved even without the speaker from the miracle rally. Praise the Lord.

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