Oh for Preaching in the Power and Demonstration of the Holy Spirit

PAULTrue New Testament Ministry needs to be manifested out of the overflow of the Holy Spirit in the human spirit of the one ministering. If it doesn’t flow like a river out of the minister’s innermost being the entire concept of “ministry” is limited.  At best it is reduced to a kind of testimony of things learned by the minister, at worst it becomes “mind to mind” instead of “spirit to spirit.”
The manifestation of the Holy Spirit is the biblical prerequisite, before, during or after the preaching of the word, which is the very thing that qualifies it to be categorised as “New Testament ministry.” Peter talks of the gospel that is preached “with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven.”


Christianity is a thing of the spirit transferred and delivered by The Holy Spirit, which has the miraculous embedded in its DNA. Most Christians hear the word, but it is the dimension of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit which qualifies it to be New Testament ministry. When preaching is in the Holy Spirit and imparted by a heart flowing in the Holy Spirit, it is possible for a person ministering the word of God to know, by hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, what is going on in a the life of a person or persons in the audience and be able to speak into their life. The mightiest men of God that I have known to move in this process as a “normal day at the office,” do it in a relaxed and easy manner that could only be described as “naturally supernatural,” or, “supernaturally natural.” (I have never been one hundred percent certain of which way round is most appropriate.)

I have heard lots of preachers decry those Christians who are, “seeking various experiences that they have heard that somebody else had.” Such an accusation was thrown at me once. I was accused of simply seeking an, “experience,” with God, and that it was a sign of immaturity to be in pursuit of such a thing. My answer was that I do not want an experience per se, but I do hunger to be the man that has such a relationship with God that he can minister “experiences” to others. By “experiences,” I mean being saved, healed, delivered, baptised in the Holy Spirit and then established in the faith. I am definitely not referring to any offshoot of a “Toronto twitch,” or anything similar. I endorse and support the so called Toronto blessing, but I do not seek the twitching or laughing, I simply desire the blessing and the divine impartation which I trust is being imparted to those who do the twitching. What I am referring to I would call legitimate “God seeking” regardless of “the experience.”  As a minister, what I seek I seek in order to bless others. I do not in any way seek it for myself, but I desperately want to give those, blessings with or without “experiences,” to those that need it. I believe that there are people who attend churches every week, all over the world, who desperately need an “experience” of the miraculous. By that I do not mean a laugh, a bark, a twitch or a falling to the ground which may or may not be God sourced or man sourced. I am talking a
bout the “experience” of healing, deliverance or even a prophetic word that heals. You bark like a dog and I may declare it is a human affectation simply because it can be faked. However, you get out of your wheel chair for the first time in twenty years and I will gladly hear you bark like a dog and I will clearly declare “this is God.”


Millions have gone home from their church every week for prolonged periods of time not having received their miracle and having to fight their spiritual battles on a front that the local church of Jesus Christ should have removed from them.


I know too many Christians that live with crippling diseases of body and mind that utterly inhibit service for God. That is, in itself, a fact of life that all ministers of the gospel must be ready to address. But what I find distressing is that many, having lived so long with such, do not even fight to be whole because ministers have not encouraged them to seek healing that is intrinsic to the message of the gospel.


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3 Responses to Oh for Preaching in the Power and Demonstration of the Holy Spirit

  1. ptl2010 says:

    ” However, you get out of your wheel chair for the first time in twenty years and I will gladly hear you bark like a dog and I will clearly declare “this is God.”

    Just a word of caution as in the East there are imposters of temple mediums, showing the evil one doing great things too to get the glory. We truly need discernment from The Lord especially in these end times.

    We truly need the Giver and His blessings will follow. And those blessings are like fruits hanging on trees – we need to claim them for our own, if not, they hang there and we are none the wiser and not blessed. Yes the servants of God need to teach the children of God how to appropriate these gifts of God – salvation, healing etc. . Believers are so deprived today because they do not yet know God who is supernatural who is beyond what our minds can conceive and expect. The Lord forgive us for setting the boundaries of His working in our lives. He came to set us free even from the limits of our mind where He is concerned.

    • Keith Lannon says:

      Thank you for your response Evelyn. I agree with your sentiments whole heartedly.

      Having read and reread my remarks I think I understand where you are coming from in your caution. May I explain my full thought on the issue. The 700 words (with which I completely overrun this week) were not enough to dot all the “i”s or cross all the “t”s.

      The Toronto blessing, as it is called is extremely high profile in the UK. As with anything in the Christian cosmos that becomes high profile in the Christian cosmos, it splits and divides Christian opinion. I 100% appreciate the things that the “Airport Christian Fellowship” in Toronto are doing. That doesn’t mean I have sympathies with everything they do, but I think they are good and spiritual people. Many non-pentecostals and non-charismatics in the UK slate Toronto because they have seen video’s of people “barking like dogs and mooing like cows”. There answer is that it is faked in emotional intensity and cannot be of God. I have seen some of this kind of stuff and some of it I discerned as a response to the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and others that were fleshly attempts to manifest the same as some others. The point I wished to make is that whether or not some manifestations are of God or not is a debatable thing and people may discern differently and judge differently whether it is God or man behind the manifestation. However, when somebody is prayed for who receives a miracle that everybody can see and discern, and in their excitement the person healed responds strangely, I can accept strange noises whether it be barking or mooing because of the joy of being able to see or walk or to do something that they previously could not do.

      Thanks again for your caution. Trust I have explained myself thoroughly.

      Your friend in Christ


      • ptl2010 says:

        Keith I am with you after reading your explanation. Thank you.
        In joyous celebration I have seen how people exhibit true liberty in manner which to third parties may seem crazy, but to the people concerned totally from the heart in jubilation. If I walked after 15 years in a wheelchair, there is no telling what I would do. All that mattered then would be ” I am healed, Praise God …it’s a miracle…. I am healed! ………….my actions could defy gravity…..a believing on-looker would be praising The Lord and thanking The Lord for answered prayer and a miracle no matter what I did.

        It is great we can share and discuss from different perspectives as we encourage one another in The Lord.

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