IHS 24 – The consistent

Some people are very aware of treating people fairly. They want people to be treated in a consistent way. This is particularly true for people within their ‘group’.

How this consistency might not mean just treating everybody exactly the same. For example, I once worked as a chaplain for a professional football club. In the second year I was there, the team was given a new coach. In the first speech the coach gave the team, he stated that he would consistently treat players differently. The more senior players would have more grace with recovering from injuries and training before a game but much more responsibility. The younger players would not be given the same grace with training, if they couldn’t train they wouldn’t play, but they would have much less expected of them in other areas.

What often drives this is the awareness of the needs of the group, rather than individuals. In order to help maintain this, the consistent like to have standard operating procedures that are well promoted and known by the group. The consistent tend to believe that this helps maintain a predictable and ordered group culture.

The consistent are often comfortable in doing the same things over and over again. They don’t usually try and bring in change, or unnecessary customization.

They will find it stressful when people within the group are not being treated fairly, or when rules are applied differently for different people. They will find it peaceful when they understand the rules and perceive them to be fair.

About Nate

I am a strengths coach and Bible teacher. I love helping people find out their talents, how they operate, what is special about them and how they can most effectively use who they are. I also love helping people understand the scriptures and through that come to a better understanding of God. I blog about this on ontoxenos.wordpress.com I'm married and have two young children and together we try to follow what God has for us.
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1 Response to IHS 24 – The consistent

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Auditors are the consistent freaks(I was one of them) who give good audit reports for consistent compliance with standard operating procedures. However, the effective auditors are the ones who accept exceptions to the standard, understand the exceptions and their impact – resolution or causes of controls concerns.

    Thank you Nate for posting this blog – the Lord bless and abundantly supply all needs of you and family.

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