Diyos ay Pag-ibig (God is Love)

As you reflect on our “love talk” series during the past couple of weeks, here’s a Filipino worship song I would like to share with you which you can ponder on (I included an English direct translation below).  The previous posts are:


Pag-ibig ang siyang pumukaw
Sa ating puso’t kaluluwa
Ang siyang nagdulot sa ating buhay
Ng gintong aral at pag-asa

Pag-ibig ang siyang buklod natin
Di mapapawi kailan pa man
Sa puso’t diwa tayo’y isa lamang
Kahit na tayo’y magkawalay

Pagka’t ang Diyos natin Diyos ng pag-ibig
Magmahalan tayo’t magtulungan
At kung tayo’y bigo, ay h’wag limutin
Na may Diyos tayong nagmamahal

Sikapin sa ating pagsuyo
Ating ikalat sa buong mundo
Pag-ibig ni Hesus ang siyang sumakop
Sa bawa’t pusong uhaw sa pagsuyo

(English direct translation: God is Love)

Love is what inspires
our hearts and souls
It brought our lives
the golden rule and hope

Love is what binds us
Never fading
In heart and thoughts we are one
Even though we part ways

Chorus :
Because our Lord is the Lord of love
Let us love each other and work together
And if we fail, let us not forget
That we have a God who loves us dearly

Strive in the name of love
Let’s spread throughout the world
the love of Jesus which conquered
every heart that thirsts

Love God. Love People. image source:

Love God. Love People.
image source:

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Have a blessed week!

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