(College) Students Tell the Truth About the Hookup Culture

A young friend brought this organization to my attention recently.  WOW! This issue weighs heavily on my own heart, (I wrote previously about it here)…and just when I think the voices of insanity are beginning to win in this hyper-sexualized culture, I am so pleased to see young men and women deciding to go a different way – and take a stand.

So I thought it only appropriate that I shout out this information.  This organization is pursuing a worthy cause and is a ray of hope for our young leaders of the future.   Amen and Amen.   Reblogged from LOVE& FIDELITY NETWORK  – Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

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By The Love and Fidelity Network Team

This year marks the Love and Fidelity Network’s 2nd Annual Intercollegiate Orientation Poster Campaign. Over the next few weeks, posters will hang on 25 different campuses across the nation as a witness to the physical and emotional harms of the hookup culture.

Our orientation poster campaign began last year in response to our student leaders’ concerns about the sexually explicit messaging that has come to dominate new student programming on college campuses. As we head into a new academic season, we’re excited to continue the tradition!

Our students were particularly upset because they noticed that the administration-sponsored presentations and skits about sexual health and mutual consent, though not the intent, actually seemed to encourage student participation in the hookup culture by presenting it as a campus norm. From their own experiences on campus, our students believed that the programming, by treating sex casually, not only increased the risk of sexual assault on campus, but also neglected to warn students about some of the more serious emotional and physical side effects.

To counteract this messaging and show that the hookup culture should not be condoned as part of the campus norm, we have recruited our student leaders to help co-host a poster campaign that presents an alternative view of the hookup culture—one that attempts to warn students of its dangers, but also cast a vision for better, healthier relationships on campus. We’re really excited (and know our student leaders are too!) about the potential impact the campaign could have on new students this year. Beginning this week, our student leaders at 25 colleges and universities will plaster their campuses with posters featuring true messages about the harms of the hookup culture.

The posters themselves, using a series of statistics taken from recent research on the hookup culture and its effects on college students, are designed to show the truth about the hookup culture and particularly discourage new students from participating in it.

Since part of the problem on campus is that no one is telling students about the emotional dangers involved, our goal for the poster campaign is to educate and enlighten students about the reality of the experience. This is why we’re using the tagline, “Expect More. That’s our stand. Are you in good hands?” We want students to expect more out of their relationships than the emptiness and loneliness that the hookup culture offers. This is why we chose images for the posters that both express the hurt behind the hookup culture, but also cast a vision for what healthy, happy relationships should look like.

To give you a glimpse of the campaign messaging, below are the statistics presented on each of the posters.

1. 55% of women feel less respected after a hook-up.
2. Casual hook-ups are linked to anxiety and depression.
3. Most college men and women wish they could go on a real date.
4. 89% of college men and women want more than what the hook-up scene offers.

At this time of year when many students are transitioning into college and will be expected to participate in the hookup culture as part of the campus norm, we hope these posters will help alleviate some of the pressure to participate in and shed some light on the real and serious harms of the hookup culture.

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  3. ptl2010 says:

    May Christian parents take the cue to inculcate the Biblical values and beliefs on sexuality that their children may be forewarned and forearmed against unnecessary pain and hurt.

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