Request for Prayers for the Philippines

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ.
I know somehow you are expecting me to continue with my series of Biblical love, but this time, I’m posting this to ask for prayers for my fellow Filipinos and for our country. This is also one way of manifesting our love for our neighbors. Just like what we’ve learned in the previous posts of this blog, our neighbors are not just those who are of the same nationality or bloodline as ours. Our neighbors are scattered from all over the world.

Philippines just experienced another storm calamity (#MarioPH). Many areas are flooded now and many families are in the evacuation centers. Let’s pray for the Lord’s provision and protection on them. We hope that those who have just been recovering from the previous typhoons would be strengthened to keep up the good faith and put their hope and trust in the Lord.

Also, news has it that the ISIS are currently recruiting rebel Filipino Muslims to join them in their wicked acts. Please pray for the spiritual strength of our nation and wisdom for our leaders in resolving this challenge. I’d like to think that this is only hearsay but it seems to be true. We know that the Lord’s hands are at work and He is sovereign over all things. We may not see what His purposes are for now, but just like the saying goes, If we cannot trace His hand, let us trust His heart.  Surely He has greater plans. Those wicked people are only storing greater wrath for themselves. God will take vengeance and pour out His justice. Let us pray for our fellow Christians among all nations.

God bless us all.

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