An Appointed Time to Die – An Appointed Time to Live – Inspirational Bible Verses

An Appointed Time to Die – An Appointed Time to Live – Inspirational  Bible Verses

by Darrell Creswell


The Bible tells us that there is an appointed time for us to die. That being said, it only stands to reason that there is also an appointed time for us to live.

Hebrews 9:27 And just as it is appointed for people to die once . . .

It is in how we live where we find the definition for our lives. It is the choices that we make that will test our character, further defining who we are. We are tested daily to define that standard by which we will live our lives by. It is the things that we fill our minds with that will show the kind of person that we really are.

Daily we will face situations where we are tempted to lower our standards and ethics below those that Christ has appointed for our life. The spoils of this world beckon us to stray from the path laid out for us by grace. Many times we follow the path that we feel will lead to a secure financial advantage for us in life, while refusing God’s will in the process. Life tempts us with false hopes of prosperity to abandon the path laid out for us by our Lord, which results in a less favorable outcome for us than God had intended.

From a young age we learn to focus on ourselves. The word “I” is one of the first words we learn to speak. I want – I feel – I did – I can’t; the list goes on and on. God teaches us not to say “I”, but rather “You”. As we learn to say Lord – You can, You are, You will – We will find life and find it more abundantly.

I believe that there is a revelation from God for each and every one of us. God teaches us how to speak, how to think, and how to live. He knows that we each have a will of our own, and that we are responsible for knowing which things that we ought to do, and ought not to do. The more we focus on God and less on ourselves, the revelation is that we can see more clearly the will of God for our lives.

Following our own will leads to things that will boil over in our lives, bringing us distress and despair. Submitting to God will pour cold water upon our problems, keeping them from boiling over. The more we submit to God, the more we will reduce our affections for the pursuits of this world, allowing us to follow the divine pursuits laid out for us in the plan He has for our lives.

As we draw close to God and submit to His will, we can release the garbage of this world that we have gathered in our hands, and grasp the blessings that God has laid out for us. As we gather God‘s blessings, our hearts will align with His plan and we will find the sweetness of life that He intends for each and every one of us, laid out before the foundation of the Earth.

2 Samuel 14:14 We each must die and disappear like water poured out on the ground. But God does not take our lives. Instead, He designed out a way to bring us home when we were exiled from Him.

We will all die sometime. Water spilled on the ground can’t be gathered up again. But through His gift of grace, God has restored our life. God’s plan of grace was not given for His friends, but for His enemies. He did not send His Son to die for His family, but for deserters, rebels, and those that sinned and conspired against Him. Mercy was not given to us so that God could in any way profit from us, or have an advantage over us, but quite the opposite. Grace was given to you and me, the weak and the fallen, because He loved us and knew that we would be incapable of helping ourselves, so in love He helped us.

God has given each of us a gift that we might find happiness in our appointed life. All we have to do is receive it. What God offers, He offers freely – Life and that more abundantly. Such is the power of His grace.


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3 Responses to An Appointed Time to Die – An Appointed Time to Live – Inspirational Bible Verses

  1. ptl2010 says:

    As children of God and in His grace we thank Him that in every season of our lives He is there, in control and knowing the way. As our Shepherd He leads us safely up the mountains or in the valleys of life to our heavenly abode
    Not so for the one who does not have Christ as Savior and Lord. Life is a mystery you travel alone – afraid and unsure for much is beyond your control. The Bible says ” There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death ” Proverbs 16:25.

    I pray that everyone finds fulfillment in Christ through the seasons of life.

  2. arinuckptl says:

    Reblogged this on Arinuck ptl and commented:
    Being a doctor, such verse can only humble you more. There’s so much you can do to comfort, but there’s nothing you can do to add some to that very appointed time to die.
    Death can be either the greatest frustration of my professional life, or the proof that God has each and every second of my life under His control, under His watchful eye – and more – the warning that this very day is not a small thing – it might be my last. And I am to be ready to face Him and His Holiness.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Praise God for such assurance to know our lives are in His hand and we are ready anytime for our appointed time to die.

      We thank Darrell Creswell for sharing the good news with us here on ChristianBlessings.

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