Praise The Lord Testimony – I remember!

Today, I sailed down four steps on the stairs and landed with a thud. Thank God I landed seated on a step and only bruised my elbow,  which gave me.sufficient balance and prevented me from going headlong down many more steps. At such times I thank God for His attention and protection and His way of reminding me to remain humble each time I am brought low.

“Let all that I am praise the LORD; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.”
Psalm 103:1-2

This is not the first time I have fallen down steps: The earliest hazardous one was when I was accompanying my Group Chairman  to welcome the Minister of Finance at a hotel. One moment I was briskly walking next to my Chairman and talking, the next moment I was looking up at him. It was not funny, but The Lord gave me a testimony to share with my back- slidden Chairman. Another time I was accompanying our  American HQ Legal Counsel who towered over me and walked very fast as his one step was three for me . We were in a meeting room on the 18th floor of an old office building,  reviewing the agenda of the Closing Audit meeting to be held immediately after that, with his team of regional lawyers whom I had audited.    The Closing Audit  meeting was to be in a Conference Room  on the 17 th floor, accessed by a straight down back  staircase of  more than 50 steps. It was dimly lit and as we exited the door to the stairs for the conference room, I remember saying in my head  ” Oh so dark, be careful”. It was not too soon for I felt myself carried by angels from the top of the stairs till I landed hard on my heels, at the bottom of the stairs  and  was dumped down on the raised landing,  before my American colleague arrived. He was so shocked and only asked repeatedly  if I would sue the Company! Did not even ask if I was injured. He found my two shoes  which had been knocked  off my feet, and even found and hammered back one of the heel caps which had been dislodged by sheer force of my landing.   After the meeting he found the other heel- cap and returned to the meeting to much laughter, as he had left the meeting earlier.  But for the grace and mercy of God, I could have been  seriously injured that day. I suffered none. It was my opportunity for testifying of the Lord’s miraculous protection,  to the whole regional  multi-racial and multi- religious legal  team of ten ! Praise The Lord. I was at a conference hotel. While emerging from a ladies’ room, I missed two steps and fell with momentum headlong  about five feet forward, hit my forehead (I heard a crack sound !) against the front panel of a marble washbasin. Thank God my spectacles were not broken. I felt I had a concussion and stood there for a long time after rising, as my eyes had blurred vision. No blackout but I remember calling JESUS! in that split second as I fell. I recovered from that shock subsequently  without injury Praise God and returned to the conference. There were several other instances and each time He assured me His angel was attentive and protecting me even when I was not aware of what was happening, as it happened. Each time it was an opportunity to testify of His love and care and grace and mercy. Each time He caused a well of thanksgiving to rise from my humbled heart to His throne in glory. Praise God. I thank God again for His faithfulness  , even as I nurse a big blue- black bruise on my elbow and under-arm. There is still work to be done for the night comes when no one can work, Amen.

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