The Bend in the Road

My Spiritual Breakfast

I just want to share with all of you a reminder that God is always with us and gives us the encouragement that we need to keep walking in faith. You see, I posted just this picture that I found with the poem by Helen Steiner Rice last night with Jeremiah 29:11, a verse that I have to hold onto every day. Then this morning, October 6, as I read my devotional, “Jesus Calling”, these words just jumped out at me…

“Be willing to follow wherever I lead. Follow me wholeheartedly with glad anticipation quickening your pace. Follow though you don’t know what is ahead. I know and that is enough. Some of My richest blessings are just around the bend: out of sight but nevertheless, very real. To receive these gifts, you must walk by faith, not by sight…”

So I add these words to my posting to give…

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7 Responses to The Bend in the Road

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  2. SingleFocus says:

    It reminds me of a song our choir use to sing. The lyric was, “I will go…to see what the end will be.”

  3. ptl2010 says:

    What a wonderful thought – He holds our hands and takes us round the bend! Praise The Lord!

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