Lights and Worship

zI think that the Spirit is alive and very active around us all of the time.  We don’t always see it with our natural eyes but many times we can feel it, sense it.  I think that the heavenly host can be especially active during times of worship.  There are many accounts of angels being seen dancing and worshipping right along side of us.  It’s just one big heavenly party!

There are also testimonies of Jesus being seen comforting and just loving on people as the whole room in engulfed in the glory of God.  And that’s the point right?  To fall into the arms of God.  To invite Him to be a part of our lives.  To adore Him and be swept away by His adoration for us.  To celebrate His perfect love.  No wonder angels would want to be a part of that!


Check out this very interesting short video clip of lights manifesting during worship from a friend of mine who recently traveled to another country.  Below is her description.


Jesse, I am sending you this 25-second video that I shot.  

The lights were not apparent at the time I filmed.  They are not a reflection of anything behind me because my back was almost against the wall.

This is where to look and what people might be significant:

Past the dancer, I moved to a close-up of the central crown. By that time, at least two lights can be seen fluttering around the heads of a red-headed young woman and her mother.

The young woman is a paramedic from NY who, two days later, would have the blind lady to pray for.  The lady got her sight. 
By the time the lights are on the next red-headed lady, they change to seven moving in a V.

In our quest to welcome the supernatural in our worship, it is important not to jump to conclusions and equally important not to ignore a manifestation of God’s hand.  I see the seven lights that form a V on the menorah, but they have a different angle. I also don’t see how they can reflect off the backside of my phone.  That would be the only natural explanation that I have. 

What do you think?


Jesse and Kara Birkey


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