In The Train of His Triumph

 After all this had happened…” Acts 19:21

PAULNew Testament gospel ministry as defined by the apostle Paul, and seen in Ephesus, is
a conjoining of Word and Spirit, as well as manifesting tangible authority and power, that together melds into a prophetic presentation of the reality of Christ. It is delivered and released through a person dealt with by the Holy Spirit for that very function. When both Word and Spirit have a high degree of release, fullness, weight, authority and power, it convicts, converts and merges into accompanying miraculous manifestations amongst the listeners, and prophetic inspiration in the one ministering. In its strongest and most concentrated Linctus it broods over the life of the man or woman of God, impacting all that he or she says or thinks. When these dynamics are persistently and consistently exercised, it becomes, sometimes immediately- sometimes over time, an almost permanent abiding anointing upon the minister’s life.  He ministers even while “not ministering.” There are several phenomena in this syndrome. One of them is the way in which it divides people as a deft cleaver. The heavier the anointing, the more it tends to divide the believer from the unbeliever, as well as believer from believer. It causes the rise as well as the fall of many (Luke 1:34).  It is this dynamic, amongst others, that is an essential ingredient causing the activity to qualify as, New Testament ministry. If the parameters of New Testament ministry, as given to us in Acts, are there as a model for us to emulate, we cannot soundly expect anything less than what we read about in the sacred text. Anything short of what we read, cannot be classified as New Testament ministry. The soundness of New Testament ministry is the very foundation of any kind of management of the miraculous.


Prophecy and promise are sourced from the heart of God the Father, proceeded to ministers by the Spirit of God, and then uttered by the preached word of God via the Son of God. The Spirit of prophecy, after all, is the testimony of Jesus (Revelation 19:10). God reveals His plans and purposes to us so that we can come into a place of agreement and alignment with Him, and thereby bring into reality whatever has been promised thus fulfilling His destiny in those ministered to. Any time in scripture where God speaks prophetically to a person with a promise of their destiny, they are rarely ready for the fulfilment when the promise is given. To fulfil the prophecy, and/or promise, they have to grow into the character that is ready for the blessing. Joseph dreamed that people, as well as his own family would bow down to him in servitude. But when he received the dream he was himself in servitude and submission to all. He had to grow in wisdom, as well as years, before he would be the man he dreamed of in the prophetic promise.


Paul received a prophetic word, he agreed with it and the promised outcome. He then needed to commit himself to the divine process of fulfilment. Jesus Christ spoke this prophetic word to Paul at the moment of his conversion, deeply challenging his entire character. It does not seem so, however, as we read through the book of Acts at first mention. It is in Acts 9 where we have the moment of change for the apostle, told in what is, “real time,” in the narrative. The words of Christ were: “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”(9:4 NIV). “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting, Now get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must do.” (9:5b-6 NIV). Now that hardly seems prophetic in the chapter 9 account. But I shall explain next week what else Jesus said to Paul at that moment … and trust me changes the picture painted in Acts 9.



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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Looking forward to learn of Paul’s turning point next week.

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