Dim Sum – Shared experiences – Victory in Jesus ( 3 of 3 )

 Even while we were with you, we gave you this ruls:
“Whoever does not work should not eat.” 2 Thes 3:10

Paul the apostle taught, don’t work, don’t eat

So I found myself working from dawn to setting sun feats

Times of routine drudgery with account
Whilst travelling on corporate expense to far and wide.
Compliance with policies and procedures was the fount
Of controls audits feared by many
Monitoring for organizational and management change
For mergers, reorganization and integrations among many

WIN WIN audits was the Christian encouragement to attain
Not WIN LOSE audits with judgement and condemnation without feign
It was WIN for the auditees as they learned
Where they erred and how to improve for audit points earned
WIN for me as a Child of God who showed mercy and grace,
As ;I patiently gave advice on controls not in place.


Privileged to share the message
Of the gospel of peace and security
To those impacted by mergers and negativity
As organizations shrank, job losses and changes supplant
When daggers plunged into competitors’ backs became rampant
The only security and good news was Jesus Christ.

It was evident the spiritual void
From sin’s bondage and spiritual separation from their Maker.
In Muslim Middle East and Pakistan, in Hindu India, and Shintoist Japan
In Socialist China and Vietnam, in half Buddhist and half Christian South Korea
In Catholic Philippines to humanist Australia and New Zealand in the South
In Muslim Malaysia and Indonesia and multi-religious Singapore

So many hungry for the Word,
As much seed sown with a few germination
Brought great joy in heaven
Singly they were won by Holy Spirit conviction.
God’s amazing grace abounding
In lives changed their peers confounding.

Those who would trust and obey rejoiced
Those who rejected the gospel of peace
Will like the rich young ruler tell
Building barns filled with combustible riches
Will not save them from the fire of hell
Even with the best of good works.

God be merciful was often my plea,
They did not know what they could not see.

It was my privilege to work in and from victory
His abiding Presence assured wherever I was sent
Praise God for blood bought victory
Over work, sin and the devil!

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3 Responses to Dim Sum – Shared experiences – Victory in Jesus ( 3 of 3 )

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  2. Messenger At The Crossroads says:

    Amazing. Thank you.

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