Please pray for 2014 cyclone Hudhud victims

Folks, here is an appeal received from People in Need Ministries, India. Please pray for the  victims and if The Lord speaks to you, give generously as you can afford.

Dear God’s children,

Greetings from India! Few days back BIG tragedies Cyclone Hudhud hit and made a great disaster in our state of Andhra Pradesh. Hundreds of people died, thousands of houses badly damaged, above 16000 water buffaloes, 14 million chickens died. 9 million people are suffering and are living in the flood water. Thousands of villages are submerged by flood water. Almost, since 9 days, people are living without electricity, living under darkness and suffering for water. This is the great damage in our country.
We are People In Need Ministries (formerly Gideon Gospel Ministries) Registered, non-governmental, non-profit, genuine and trustworthy organization, based in Machilipatnam, India. It was established in 2005. We are dedicated to serve the poor, outcast, illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden people, regardless of caste, religion, sex, or creed.

We have a social project for the women upliftment and empowerment in Vepada village, Vijayanagaram district. This is purely tribal village. Our Pastor who working in this village, called us and informed the tragedy condition in his village. His 2 churches badly broken into pieces. All the villages became homeless; water became polluted, suffering for drinking water and no food to eat. They are looking at God’s mercy upon them.

Our board of Directors are discussed this emergency issue and after a prayer all the Board made a decision to help 500 families in Vepada village:
Rice (5kgs for each family)
Dall (2 kgs for each family)
Cooking oil (2 Lts for each family)
and 1 Blanket for each person.

In this important situation, we are looking for sponsors and donors for our ministry. We need your support to sweep out the tears of Hudhud Cyclone victims.

Please share this great need to your friends and relatives, show your merciful heart upon these Hudhud Cyclone victims.

You contributions can be sent through one of the following
a) Western Money Transfer (fastest way)
b) PayPal – send it through our e-mail
c) Bank to bank wire transfer (ask us for details)

With hope, we look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,
Gideon & Deborah Yathirajam
People in Need Ministries, India.

Click on the below link, review our ministry past activities helping the suffering Cyclone, Floods and Fire victims: (if not working, please copy this link into your browser)

More information about Hudhud cyclone is given below:
Fortyeight hours after Hudhud ravaged the Andhra coast, Visakhapatnam continued to remain akin to a ghost city. A majority of the deaths were due to falling trees.
The extent of destruction apart, lack of coordination and proper distribution was glaring as the government tried to ensure relief to the affected people.

About two lakh food packets and six lakh water sachets arrived in the port city for distribution.
But the reality seemed otherwise with scores of victims complaining of erratic distribution of food and water supplied by government employees and some voluntary organisations. Only those who are physically strong were able to grab some food and water packets, while others watched helplessly.

Similarly, the wait for petrol and diesel continued to be a never-ending affair as even young girls waited in serpentine queues. Despite the presence of police, unruly incidents took place at the petrol pumps, including attacks on the fuel station staff by irate customers.

Police took control of relief operations along with distribution of milk, fuel, vegetables and other essentials at some places. Police personnel were deployed at Rythu Bazaars, petrol pumps and milk booths to control the restive crowds. According to the disaster management department, nearly 1.35 lakh people are still taking shelter in relief camps.

The prices of essential commodities hit the roof with dealers hoarding them up and selling them at a high price. For instance, petrol was being sold in cans to those who cannot fight at ` 200 a litre. Milk is sold at a premium of ` 100 per sachet. There is no one to check the shylocks.

Meanwhile, restoration of road, rail and air connectivity besides power supply and communication network moved at a snail’s pace, as the removal of trees and clearing of debris, including electric poles, is proving to be a daunting task. The officials said that unless the fallen trees and debris are cleared, they cannot carry out restoration of power supply and communication network connectivity.

With regards to the power supply, officials said that nearly 4,500 electric poles are required to restore power in Vizag city and more than 2,000 have reached the city where the restoration works are in full swing, nailing the lie of the government that power supply would be restored by Tuesday morning. It appears that it would take few days more for restoration of power and communication networks.

Personnel of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Armed forces managed to clear the main roads, and the arterial roads have been thrown open. However, the connecting roads still remain inaccessible for many. RTC has restored a majority of city buses in Visakhapatnam and also about 70 services to major towns after NH-16 has been cleared up to Srikakulam. Except for a few blockades up to Itchapuram which are expected to be cleared by Wednesday morning, the road is clear for vehicular movement.

While the railway connectivity is likely to be restored immediately after the restoration of tracks between Yelamanchili and Bayyavaram between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada section, the air connectivity is unlikely to be restored over the next one week. Four such teams at Atchutapuram rescued 117 stranded people in Pudimadaka where the cyclone made the landfall.


ChristianBlessings is not accountable and therefore not liable for  Contributions to People in Need Ministries who are entirely a separate organization. Contributors/sponsors should conduct their own due diligence  for contribtions they made directly to Peoples in Need, India.

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