Spiritual Sight? Everyone is Qualified!

Michael Van Vlymen is the author of How To See In The Spirit and Angelic Visitation and Supernatural Encounters.  He is a Pioneer in the understanding of Spiritual Sight.  His transparency and obvious love will draw you closer to the heart of God.  It is my privilege to have him share on our blog. 

Spiritual Sight?  Everyone is Qualified!


Thank you Jesse Birkey for giving me the opportunity to share a few things that have been on my heart concerning the topic of spiritual sight.

Spiritual sight is a wonderful thing! To literally see at times what God is doing in your life can really supercharge your family’s walk with the Lord. That’s why I really feel so impassioned to share the message that everyone can see. Seeing the presence of angels in your home brings extra comfort knowing that He has given His angels charge over us and is a strong reminder of who you are and who you belong to!

My daughter Angie has awaked at times to see angels standing guard by her bed at night and my son Matt has also had angels pray over him. As a parent, I can’t tell you the joy of knowing that the Lord is making Himself real in the lives of my children. There is nothing the world can offer them that even comes close to that.

Many times, after your eyes begin to open you may see evidence of the heavenly realm without necessarily knowing exactly what you are seeing or why. My wife Gordana sees orbs of light and heavenly gemstones a lot! One evening not too long ago she excitedly called out, “Come and see this! There are diamonds floating in the kitchen!”

I thought that perhaps it would be something that only she was seeing. When I came upstairs and into the kitchen I saw what looked like small semi-transparent diamonds floating all over the kitchen and breakfast room! I saw perhaps thirty or so but my wife told me there were hundreds of them. It brought a feeling of awe upon us that shifted our focus that evening completely onto the Lord.

Do I know why the Lord did that? Not the exact purpose, but I know that as the Lord allows us to see these things and experience His kingdom it draws us ever nearer to Him. There is nothing that compares to being nearer to Him! I desire with all my heart that you experience everything that the Lord has for you.

It wasn’t long after the release of “How to See in the Spirit” that questions began to roll in on a variety of things. I’ve tried my best to answer those questions as they come in but there seems to be several questions that I hear a lot. I’d like to address a couple of those.

One of the most commonly asked questions I have received is…

“Does it always take such extended times of prayer to open your spiritual eyes?”

The short answer is “No, it doesn’t.” When I wrote about my own journey I was being open about what it took for mepersonally. Originally I had thought that perhaps the long hours of prayer was what had given me the ability to see, but the Lord corrected me on this.

To someone like myself, it may take long hours of prayer to bring sanctification to cleanse all the garbage that your eyes have encountered over the years. I found that just as it can be in deliverance sometimes, what took years to do may take a little time to undo.

But that’s ok. In my case the Lord gave me time to pray for the sanctification I needed and He will for you.  It is still a work in progress.

The Lord showed me by using my wife, that desire for spiritual things is enough if you don’t have a lot of “clutter” in the way. My wife Gordana was seeking the deeper things of God, crying out to the Lord and she has always shown honor to the things God is doing.

She has never had large chunks of time to devote to prayer specifically, but prays as she goes. She has a lot of responsibilities and demands on her time and the Lord has not penalized her in any way because of this. She prays as she works. Her mind is always leaning toward the things of the Kingdom and God has given her more than anyone in our household.

Her prayer is that the Lord increases everything He is doing in her life and He has. The Lord has allowed her to see the most phenomenal things like angels in the spirit and in the natural, orbs of light, gemstones from Heaven that high-lite scripture when she reads the Word, translations and many more things. All born out of her love and desire for the Lord and the things of His Kingdom.

Desire is a powerful key!

Does God want some of His kids to be spiritually blind?

One of the things that really surprised me in this journey was the resistance from spirit-filled ministers concerning who is qualified to spiritual sight.

Many people who minister in the gifts of the spirit are apparently discouraging others from believing that they can also see in the spirit. I have been taken to task several times over this.

“What makes you think that just anyone can see in the spirit?!”

Many people have been discouraged because they do not have a ministry or are not approved by the church committee, or are not on the healing teams etc., and have been told that this disqualifies them.

I have been told that this is a special gift not just given out to anyone, but only to those who are moving in the gifts and doing “significant” ministry for the Lord.

Let me just say for the record that that isn’t so. God doesn’t look for people doing a certain volume of ministry and then “reward” them because they are more worthy somehow than the others.

Even if you lead only ONE soul to the Lord, that is significant! Even if you only heal someone with a mild headache The Lord is thrilled with you! Even if your ministry is only to your children or grandchildren, you are qualified! Whether anyone recognizes you as being “somebody” in the church world or not, you are somebody important to God!

To go even further, even if the only thing you ever do with your new found spiritual sight is behold the Lord and worship Him, that is OK!

Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. ( Luke 12:32 )

So God bless you every one and keep seeking the deepest things of God and know that He desires to give you more than you could ever ask or even dream!



Michael Van Vlymen accepted Christ as his Savior at five years of age in a little church just south of Chicago that his father also pastored for several years. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in his late twenties and began to learn about deliverance and the power of God to set people free. At about fifty, the Lord began to reveal even greater things about His Kingdom as Michael began asking the Lord to experience more. From those experiences Michael has written so that others might be encouraged to believe for everything the Lord desires to give . Michael currently lives with his family in Carmel, Indiana where he works, writes and worships and goes with his wife Gordana on long prayer walks with their dogs on nice evenings.


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