Pray for People in Need Ministries, India

Greetings in Jesus precious Name! Thank you soo much for your continues prayers and support to the People in Need Ministries India.
Your support gives much strength to expend the Gospel and to help the poor people who are in great need.

On 6th of November 2014, we conducted a meeting in our campus, with our Pastors, volunteers and staff.
We started with prayer, shared testimonies on how God lead and did miracles in their Churches and their lives. Each one has prayed for People in Need Ministries sponsors, donors and prayer supporters.

Since People in Need Ministry strengthening our Pastors, we came to know God is expending their works in the villages and many non Christian people are understanding God’s love.
We prepared schedule to work during November.
We all prayed and decided to conduct ministry children Christmas on 16th of December 2014.
Finally we have shared monthly gifts to our Pastors, volunteers and staff. We all gathered, conducted a link prayer.

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We humbly request you to continue to pray for us and support us to expend Gospel to the unreached.

Here is an appeal by People in Need Ministries for 2014 Christmas celebration:

Last year, we conducted children Christmas with 200 children from various churches.

As our Board of Directors and our Pastors are decided, we planned to conduct Christmas event on 16th of December 2014.
This year, more than 400 children are willing to come from our Pastors congregations.
We will conduct this event from morning 10am to 4pm.
Between this time, we will conduct Bible quiz, songs, dances, drama, running, slow walking, bicycling competitions.
Some of the Government officials will be coming to this event and with the chief guests we will present prizes to the winners.

Finally, for each child will receive a Glass of Milk, Bread, and a Telugu version new Testament (with possibility of a toy). All these children will be coming from far villages, in the afternoon we will offer them a meal.

This is just a plan: To make this even successful, we need your valuable Prayers and financial support to the ministry. Please help us to make children happy during Christmas season.

We will continue to pray for you. God bless you!

Yours in His service,

Here are November reports and testimonies of our Pastors:
1- Palle Thumalla Palem village:
a) One church member having feaver, God healed him after our prayers.
b) Church members are struggling for water facility in our Church campus, we need a bore well
c) Need prayers for my family members.

2- Madaka, Nandamuru, Pedana, Balli parru villages:
a) Sister Mary professed, Sister Mani got healed after prayer and Sister Ganga got miracle in her life.
b) Need prayers for their Church improvement.

3- Balli Parru, Suradai Peta, Saradayi Peta villages:
a) Our church can accommodate 50 people only but 70 people are coming, we are facing trouble to accommodate them. We need bigger church. Please pray.
b) Need prayers for their family.

4- Golla Palem, Kothuru, Sarada Nagaram villages:
a) God did miracles in 6 families
b) Pryaers need for elder daughter marriage and job
c) Due to lack of funds, Church did not completed, need prayers

5- Golivani Palem, Mallampudi, ST Rajapuram villages:
a) Church development, to turn the idol worshiping people to Christ.

6- Temple colony village:
a) Church work pending, not completed, need plastering on the walls

7- Jeelagala gandi village:
a) Doctor told to one of the church member need of operation. But with faith and pasting prayer, God healed, Doctors told her operation is not necessary.
b) I don’t have own house to live. Please pray for me.
c) Church work not completed, need plastering.

8- Maralmpudi, Chodavaram village:
a) Need of new Church in a new village where people turned their hearts for Christ. Please pray

9- Giri purum village:
a) One aged widow was suffering with sickness, after our prayer God healed her.
b) Pray for our children to live in the discipline
c) To bring more souls for Christ and for my Church work.

10- Bambala Gudem, Balaramuni Peta, Patha ramuni peta villages:
a) Since long time, one young boy was suffering with Satan. We conducted pasting prayer meeting and the Satan left him. This young boy, his wife both has taken baptisms.
b) I don’t have own house ulive. Please pray.

Note: If you are contributing to People in Need Ministries,  do your own due diligence as ChristianBlessings bears no accountabiity or responsibilities for your gifts.


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