The Tools He Gives

zI stood in the auditorium worshiping God among others gathered for that same purpose.  We were visiting a church and the time of worship was anointed.  It was as if we were no longer in a building but gathered around the throne in heaven throwing our praise like flower petals onto the greatest lover we could ever encounter.

But of course it wasn’t just a one-sided encounter.  We were being loved back as God inviting us into the deeper places within Him.


It wasn’t long before I felt the Holy Spirit begin to stir within me, letting me know it was time to minister in some way.  I kept my eyes closed, head down and reminded Him that we were just visiting.  He told me that it would be okay and He would show me where to go and what to do.


As the worship team continued to lead people into the presence of God as I moved to the back.  For the rest of the worship time the Lord highlighted people to me that He wanted to speak to.  I would approach them, tap them on the shoulder, smile and ask if it would be all right to share what I felt God had for them.


The Lord led me all over the room that day.  I was amazed at the love and tenderness of each encounter.  The Lord gave me the words to speak, touched their hearts and moved me on to the next one.


It wasn’t disruptive to the service at all.  As they continued to receive from the music playing they received words from the heart of God.


When the Holy Spirit begins to stir we have a choice to make.  We can throw up walls that mute His voice or we can face the discomfort and be courageous.  It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing.  If God grabs ahold of our hearts there is someone who desperately needs what He’s planted inside of us.


I was spending some time with the Lord this morning and He began to speak to me about the gifts He’s given each one of us.  This is what I heard:


Blessed are those who use the tools I’ve placed in their hands.  They are caked with sweat, dirt and grime but rejoice as they bear witness to the harvest.  They are full.


The tools are different for each one of us and we shouldn’t feel the pressure to constantly use tools we haven’t been given (although each one of us can and should operate in any gift as the Lord leads).  But when we find our hearts being pricked and spirits being stirred we should be ready to dig in, in whatever way we are being led.


Just now I saw a picture of the dirt piled in front of us.  We are holding the tools God has given.  On top of the dirt are worms and maggots and other nasty creatures.  I believe those represent the fears and reasons why our tools should stay in our belts or pockets.


But if we can find the courage to engage the ground we will find that all the muck will be discarded with that first shovel full.  All that’s left is the fertile soil underneath.



Jesse and Kara Birkey


Jesse and Kara Birkey are committed lovers of Jesus who seek to show others the extraordinary life of Jesus is available for everyone. They have authored two books, been featured in films and seek to serve the Lord in whatever ways they can. Follow their blog here.    


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Firefighter/Paramedic, Author and minister of the gospel.
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2 Responses to The Tools He Gives

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Praise The Lord our confidence is in Him not ourselves when we do His good will.

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