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These are the things the Singaporean ( and perhaps others from many countries long for) graduate’s bright eyes focus  upon graduation :

“Five Cs of Singapore” – namely, Cash, Car, Credit card, Condominium and Country club membership – which is a phrase used in Singapore
to refer to materialism. It was coined as a popular observational joke about the aspirations of some Singaporeans to obtain material possessions in an effort to impress others.


Cash refers to spending power rather than physical currency. Financial security and affluence is a status symbol and for many years was the measure of personal worth and success.


Approximately 1 in 10 residents of Singapore own a car. Given high taxation on the import and ownership of motor vehicles (191% on new vehicles, an annual road tax based on engine size, and high pump prices) and a quota system requiring owners to acquire a hard-to-get Certificate of Entitlement, car ownership is a symbol of wealth and power.

Credit card

Cards are a visible symbol of success. Singapore’s financial regulator, the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS), has stipulated a maximum personal credit limit of two months’ income given personal income less than S$ 30,000, or four months’ income for all others. Banks typically issue different types of cards depending on the available credit limit, associating greater cachet with cards that offer a higher limit.


Condominiums are usually considered by many as one of the fundamental “five Cs”.
In Singapore privately developed apartments that are luxurious in comparison with those subsidised by the government convey status to the owner. Land is at a premium, meaning that freestanding houses are rare and signify even greater affluence.

Country Club

Relatively few country clubs, golf clubs, etc., are available in Singapore, making membership another indication of affluence.

Now there are 2 more C’s

Children With declining population rate

Careers for children.

The latest talk for the youths of this group is 5 Ms…….Mansion, More Money, Maserati, Maids (in the plural), Master Cards….the list can go on. Shall we stop here?

In Singapore, we have almost everything – why do we need to have a 3rd world insecurity and define ourselves using materialism?

If we are really thinking of a civilised, rich and friendly society – why not have the 5C’s to be : compassion, care for others, commitment, confidence and co-operative spirit?

To the chagrin of many bright eyes today, 5Cs are really an old measurement of success. Currently, with the Gen Y, job satisfaction, quality of life, intelligent leaders and passion for their work is more important that the results of 5Cs.

To others there should be a better measurement of success like one’s happiness quotient, well-being, lower number of suicides in society (Young and old), more family time spent together, children brought up with correct values and not pushed insanely  to all the  extra curricula  activities e.g. private tuition for all sorts of subjects  that may or may not add value to their development years or adult lives

According to the Biblical way, Let there be LOVE rather than toil, push and shove in the world to attain or afford the 5 Cs or the 2 extra Cs,  or else bright eyes will become ensnared by work, mortgages, toil and sweat from morn to dusk and sleepless nights.

We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. We heap up wealth, not knowing who will spend it. Psalm 39:6

What a disappointment it  is when toil takes its toll in broken families, worms eating the wealth which has been hard earned and spent unwisely getting popular . Why not spend in loving rather than stabbing others in the pursuit of worldly gain?

Why build up storehouses which when the rains come will be swept away?

Rather build houses with strong foundation of Jesus Christ and love so that the storms of life may never threaten to take the eternal treasures from you.

Bright eyes then will not digress, depress or distress and degenerate  to become dull eyes for lack of sleep,  and filled with disillusionment and  dreams turned to nightmares

What are you looking and working for in life?

Lord Jesus, please open our eyes to focus on the eternal priorities rather than the temporal and help us shun the temptation of materialism and transient success. Amen..

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2 Responses to Faith Child – Sharing experience – Bright eyes

  1. Hello there

    Honestly, reading your post make ponder. I am Singaporean and have some businesses here. Personally, once again, I must admit that everything you said are very true. This is a reprimand and reminder which should be read by Singaporean ( mostly) Thank you for this great post. Blessings.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you for your comments Katrina. Youth rush headlong into life without considering consequences and differentiating between what is temporal and eternal. It is herd instinct. It is my hope that this blog is not only for Singaporeans but youth everywhere to pause and think their life direction.

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