Please pray for families of victims of Air Asia Flight 8501

Please pray

– for good weather so recovery efforts for evidence and bodies will not be hampered

– for the anxious, grieving families of victims of the air- crash,  especially those awaiting closure with identification of bodies recovered.

– for counsellors who will facilitate healing of family members of deceased from the air- crash months after.

Emotionally exhausted family members sang and cried at a tiny chapel in Surabaya, the city where Flight QZ 8501 departed from Dec. 28. The Rev. Philip Mantofa, who heads the congregation at Mawar Sharon Church — where at least 30 of the victims were members — urged those gathered to find comfort in their faith.

Thirty-four out of 162  bodies of the mostly Indonesian passengers and crew of AirAsia flight QZ8501 have so far been recovered, including some still strapped in their seats. Many more may be still trapped in the fuselage of the aircraft which has not been found and  identified.  Only 9 bodies have been identified so far. Bad weather is hampering the recovery effort.

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