What’s That Smell… SoS Saturday

Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon,
Which faces toward Damascus.

Song of Songs 7:4 NASB

Guys, don’t try this at home. Not sure this would be seen as a huge compliment. Does any woman want to be told her nose is like a tower?

So what’s going on here?

This detail is about function not beauty.

One of my favorite quotes was the day I was walking through BJ’s wholesale store near the bakery section. A mom pushed her cart by me, with her little on in the seat up front. As she rolled passed me I overheard the little one say

“What’s that smell mommy, I want to eat it.”

I have to confess, I did too!

The nose in this picture is a watch tower. Not a tower of strength, but a lookout tower.

The spiritual word would be discernment. Our Bride has the ability to ‘smell’ danger, or ‘smell’ safety. She can pick up the fragrance – those things in life that go unseen, unseen dangers, unseen beauty.

This summer we were in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, in Norfolk, VA. The have a massive rose garden that was in full bloom in late May during our visit. I can remember even now how the smell of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of roses in full bloom smelled.

Have you ever had an orange go bad at the bottom of a fruit bowl. That will get your attention.

Our spiritual nose does the same thing. It will draw us toward that which is good, and repel us from hidden danger.

Let me say this about this spiritual sense.

Discerning of Spirits is not the same thing as having “discernment,” though in some circles these two things are used interchangeably. Both are valuable, but discernment, at least the way I hear it used many circles, has to do with judging good and bad, or right and wrong, based on evidence and knowledge of the Word. This is important, and with training anyone can discern. I believe that’s what Jesus was talking about when He said “Judge righteous judgment.”

The spiritual gift of ‘discerning of spirits’ is a gift of the spirit, and is supernatural in – well – nature. It functions more like another sense – added to the five natural senses. As with any spiritual gift, discerning of spirits should be discipled, it must be nurtured, trained and practiced if it is going to be used to it fullest extent.

As you discover your core giftings, you would be well served to find someone who has similar giftings and uses then well, and get yourself connected with them. Serve them and learn from them.

As we look at our Bride, we are looking at the product of a walk from the first inklings of faith, to the maturity that comes with a life given to the Lord. Today she stands, and her spiritual senses are well honed, and stand like towers protecting and guiding those in her sphere.

Ben NelsonThanks for stopping in today.

Happy New Year

See you again soon,


About Ben Nelson

Jesus Lover, grandfather, husband, dad, worshipper, author, preacher. I love to see people activated in what God has created them to be.
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