Faith Child – Sharing experience – Your life in the Word – Really?

Continuing in our Cell Group Bible study on Radical by David Platt our subject was ” Do you believe the Bible?”

If you do – do you know what the Bible says about money, the lost, sin, the church? How has the Word impacted your life in these areas?

How has the Bible requirements affected how you live? Really?


Money – how much time in the day do you spend thinking about money? Is money the first thing you think about on waking up? Strategizing about Earning money? Making money? Accumulating money? Do you think only of your own needs? What about the needs of your family – your immediate / extended natural family and God’s family? Are you sharing with the poor? With the widows? How much do you give to God’s work? What proportion of your budget serves God?

Of course you need money to live but is it your consuming passion? Is your money keeping you from loving/serving God with your whole heart, mind and soul? Really?

The lost – do  you really believe they are going to hell? What is the urgency of preaching the gospel? How does the urgency compel/ propel you to seek the lost and to share the gospel? Do you know how to share the gospel? What are you sharing? Who have you shared the gospel with today, yesterday, this week? This month? Within the last 12 months?

Do you believe your unsaved loved ones – father, mother, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, uncle, Aunty, cousin, in- laws  –  are going to hell without Christ? Dying without Christ means eternal damnation and hell fire? What are you doing to share God’s love or are you driving them away from Christ by your behavior? How can you keep quiet? Do you really love them?

Sin – what is the definition of sin in the Word? Have you secret sins which to man’s eyes are hidden? Can’t hide from God against whom we sin. He is the judge  – not me or you or peers or pastor or church leaders.  When was the last time you confessed your sin to God? Are your sins blocking God from you? Are you overcome, overwhelmed by sin in your life? Are you causing others to stumble by your witness , testimony and lifestyle?

We cannot be hypocrites – say / teach one thing about what the Word says  and indulge/ live  in sin and compromise in our relationship with God and man.

God’s grace covers a multitude of sins – but  have you repented of your sins?

The Church local and universal. 

Are you a member of the local body of believers or have you opted out? What does the Word say about it! Does it please God ? Is this the best way to grow spiritually?  What are your responsibilities to encourage, to disciple, to be an example of the believer? Are you an example of one who cannot love the local church – what is your testimony to the non- believer then if we cannot love our spiritual brothers and sisters? Is there bitterness and un forgiveness where the local family of God is concerned? Are you following the words of a man every Sunday or the Word of God everyday? Are you following a book or The Book?

Where are you in the universal church? Are you standing with the Bible believing or the compromised believers?  ( in humility not in pride) ? Are you resisting following the crowd of the latest charismatic ( individual quality not denomination) leader  who could lead you to perdition? ( narrow is the way to life and broad the way to destruction) ? Hearing what someone says rather than what Someone says in the Word?  Are you willing to be a radical for Jesus in a traditional or energetic environment?

What does the Word mean to you?do you believe it?

What needs to change? Faith without  works is dead. Don’t talk about faith if you cannot show them your works.  May The Lord help us to seize the opportunities to cling to the Word/ live in the Word and be His word to the world. toHis glory .

The one who gives to the poor will not be in need, but one who turns his eyes away will receive many curses. Proverbs 29:27

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