Different Strokes – Deep calls to deep


Deep calls out to deep

The depth of man’s need crying out to the depths of God’s love;

One person at a time in loneliness seeks out the companionship of love

True love, lasting love

The knowledge of a love that overcomes all the obstacles

The barriers, the veil fighting such peace…

To love the unloved, even more- to love the unlovely!

Birds soar to astonishing heights

Then plunge to earth for food and rest.

Canyons rival mountains in rugged beauty

Cliffs trail down out of sight.

Then the oceans;

Water worlds set apart

Mysteries waiting to be sought out

The heart sinks in fear at the overwhelming greatness

The dark, the cold, the unknowns hiding

The unending spirals to the bottom.

What mind can fathom the depths,

The playground of whales.

Canyons deeper than any on land

Mountains that dwarf the giants of Nepal sleep beneath the waves.

The deepest need in an ocean of want

Calls out one last time

Beyond desperation, without hope

Hoping one last time

The weakest voice offered up in the end,

Is heard and answered in kindness

By the Seven Thunders!

Gary Bertnick

Silver Cord

– See more at: http://www.messianic-literary.com/bertnick-p2.htm#sthash.Wy93CwUO.dpuf

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