Teens Blog SF30 – What’s Your Number?

Percent - Chistian Blesssings

If you could give yourself a percentage as to how much of your life you give God, what would it be – 50%, 70%, 93%? Go ahead and think about it for a minute.

Now most of you would probably give many variations of percentages and some of you would also be proud of your high numbers when it comes to being dedicated to God.

HOWEVER, I’ve got news for you. Satan is pretty pleased too. How? Well, he is pleased if he has at least 1% of your life. Why? Well, one percent is still an open door for him to create havoc, stress, despair, unforgiveness, selfishness, sin, etc… He lives and breathes off of that because this gives him the wedge that keeps the door from closing on him.

So you may ask, “Why would he even care about one percent?” We’re not talking about those of you who are trying your best and giving all that you know how to give. We are talking instead about those of you who know in your heart the areas of your life you are not willing to submit to Christ.

You see, even that one percent that you are refusing or not willing to surrender to God is an open door to disobedience, sin, and pride. All of which is creating a wall between you and the Lord. It limits your ability to see and hear what God wants to do in your life, all because you are holding on to that last percent.

God is not asking you for perfection because no one is perfect except Him. God is also not asking you to be more holy than others because honestly, we are all on different spiritual levels and cannot compare each other with the walk that Christ has called each of us to.

What I do know is that He is calling you to a closer walk with Him. He cannot have that close relationship that will benefit you the most if your heart is unwilling to let go of the things that hold you back.

His greatest example was on the cross. Could you imagine before Jesus was crucified if he told the Father, “I’ll give 95% of my life.”

Instead, He goes above and beyond the 100% of surrendering His will.

So the next time you are struggling about giving up something in your life, think about the percent that is holding you back from His blessings, His glory, His desired relationship with you. Also, think about what percentage you have left open for satan to use, be happy about or keep you from God. I guarantee that submitting that leftover percent, you will close the door on satan and open a whole new life in Christ.

Thank you Lord, for ALL that you have done for us!

Matthew 16:24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. (ESV)

About Stacy Lee Flury

I am foremost a mom who loves to write. My passion is writing a support blog for parents of troubled and hurting teens at AnchorOfPromise.com. When I'm not writing, I am sharing my life with my family, our beloved furry friends and spending times in fellowship with close friends.
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