For Her Sister

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In a 2013 blog post, Tasting The Day I shared a bit about my sweet friend Lou, who we lost to breast cancer. She is with the Lord now. I learned this weekend that her sister will be joining Lou soon.  It is so violently wrong.  I abhor that disease.  After crying in my shower for some time, I decided to speak the only way I know how.  With my hands.  So in honour of these two sisters, I wrote this. 

Please pray for Sister.  Please lift up her family.  Father God, please bring your peace and rest to her.  Amen.

For Her Sister

Hold her hand please. She is so scared.
Her fear is palpable. Her soul is bared.
She needs to see you in this trial
Jesus go to her now and sit awhile

Hold her hand please. It is so hard.
She knows it’s coming, Death plays its card
Her pain is furious, but Your peace is waiting
She knows it’s happening, her time is fading

Hold her hand please. She wants to fight
To rip away this cancer, it is her right
Her sister calls her, “come join me”
Let it go dear, come and be free

I’ll hold your hand sis, it can be frightening
But please don’t fear it, His love enlightening
When it was my time, I fought it so
Now I am here, I have let if go

He will hold your hand, entwine your fingers
Your heart He covets, in you He lingers
Sister mine please leave your pain
Your soul can fly, you’ll be whole again

Release your grip love, let Me lead you now
To Me I’ll gather you, I will keep my vow
I promise you, I have prepared a room
I wait for you, to be here soon

Rest your hands sweet, peace be at last
Your life with Me now, so let earth pass
Come closer still, stay beside my throne
You are so loved here, naught to be alone

I hold your hand daughter, clasped here in mine
To your wedding feast, come here to dine
Your pain has passed, your fear subside
Come now love, with me abide.

Reach with your hands dear, My gifts to you
Your healed and painless, you’re all renewed
The trials of yesterday are in earth’s past
Your sister’s here too, both free at last.

So clap your hands love, in joyous song
With me my precious, you belong
I kept my promise, you enter peace
A forever future, the past has ceased


About setyourpathsstraight

It is my desire to serve God and others through writing; by proclaiming His goodness, provision and character in story form. Though I was not always a follower of Jesus Christ, I have experienced life changes that can only be a result of personally meeting Him. He is not a God of religion, but of relationship. I don't have the answers to life's challenges, but I know where to find them...only in God's Word can any of us stop following crooked paths. The month of my spiritual birthday, I read Proverbs 3:5-6 and claimed it as my life verse... "Trust in the Lord in all you do, lean not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him.... and He will Set Your Paths Straight." Thank you for your visit today. Please come back again.
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1 Response to For Her Sister

  1. ptl2010 says:

    There will be Peace In The Valley

    Oh, well, I’m tired and so weary but I must go alone
    Till the Lord comes and calls me, calls me away, oh yes
    Well the morning’s so bright and the lamp is alight
    And the night is black as the sea, oh yes

    There will be peace in the valley for me someday
    There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord, I pray
    There’ll be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I see
    There will be peace in the valley for me, oh yes

    Listen, the bear will be gentle and the wolf will be tamed
    And the lion shall lay down by the Lamb, oh yes
    And the beast from the wild shall be led by a child
    And I’ll be changed, changed from this creature I am, I am

    There will be peace in the valley for me someday
    There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord, I pray
    There’ll be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble I see
    ‘Cause there will be peace in the valley for me, one more time
    There will be peace in the valley for me

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