What is the Christian experience?

The Christian experience is something that happens to your soul and character

The Christian experience is something that happens to your soul and character when you find the person of Jesus. Forgiveness is found in the soul; and forgiveness is realized in your conscience within the Christian experience. Guilt from all your past sins is taken away from your conscience by the Grace of God. Christianity is not religion, nor is it a simple religious practice. It is an actual experience produced in the heart of man by the Grace of God. The basis of this experience comes from your belief and trust in what Jesus did for you personally on the cross at Calvary. The Christian experience comes to any man or woman “when” they believe in the person of Jesus.

Take the human intellect out of the equation. Take the reasoning of man and human ideals out of the equation. Leave out your abilities and talents. No more religious works and practices. Why? These faculties have nothing to do with the Christian experience. The Christian experience comes when you exercise your belief in what Christ did for you personally and what He’s doing right now.

How do you get into this blessed experience? The Spirit of God “baptizes” you into Christ. Simply put. God takes you out of an unbelieving world and puts you into a body of believers. This body I speak of is called the Church, or the Spiritual body of Christ. This baptism is very much like how God delivered the children of Israel through the Red Sea. God delivered them from Pharoah’s bondage. God deliver’s you from the bondage of sin.

The Bible says if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things pass away, and behold all things become new. This newness of life “comes”… within the Christian experience. Not by what you do or because of your talents or ability. God makes you a new man or a new woman by His Divine Grace. You will know you are changed. You will know you are forgiven. You will find peace within because God will give it to you. This peace is not earned, advanced toward, achieved, or found by your own efforts, it is given to you by the Mercy and Grace of a living God who is alive and exalted right now in the Throneroom.

Christianity is not something that happened 2000 years ago only. Christianity is a present tense “now” experience because Christ is alive and doing something to people like you and I. Christians are different because they are born of God as a result of their faith and trust in a Saviour. That saviour is Jesus and we are His workmanship. He changed us! He made us new! He saved our soul from Hell! He provides us with Heaven…eternity with Him. Prove what is acceptable, it is your service to Him. Live right! Do right! Act right! Your a child of God! He birthed you in the Spirit! Prove it! Bless His holy name. Love those who hate you! Forgive like He forgave you! Let your light shine! Let the world know Christian’s are different. Why? Because of your experience in Christ! Glory! You are the proof. You are the evidence!

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Since 1988 I’ve been writing and doing service for the Lord. It all began in 1987 after a personal walk began with the Lord. This personal walk with the Lord I speak of turned into extensive Bible studies and later evolved into blogging in early 2000. At present I write, author, and publish several different sites on the Internet. My Blogs contain a vast library of Theological writings, teaching videos, and preaching audios that currently go around the globe for the cause of Christ. I write at Christian Blessings on Wordpress, Holy Hubert Lindsey Group on Facebook, Churches on Trial at Google, publish You Tube videos, record sermons at holy.sermon.net, etc. I also pastor a Church called the Upper Room in Williamsburg, Ohio . My secular Blog called Southwestern Ohio Fishing on Wordpress is where I write about experiences with my son and fishing partner Chad where we together enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty mixed with Father God’s creation. At Southwestern Ohio Fishing Blog I also publish favorite recipes for those who enjoy eating and cooking as much as this writer does. Thanks for sharing your time and life with this writer at the Blogs. Here's more access to my ministry and fishing Blog if you'd care to check them out further. Bible Truth Christian Blessings Holy Hubert Group Facebook Churches on Trial Hubert Lindsey YouTube videos The Upper Room Southwestern Ohio Fishing Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it! God Bless!
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2 Responses to What is the Christian experience?

  1. ptl2010 says:

    When you truly become a Christian, the Holy Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are a child of God – and from that day He gives you a purpose for living unto the glory of God, in addition to His peace which this world knows nothing of.

    If you allow Him to become Lord of your life – He leads you into paths of righteousness and satisfies the longing in your soul for a life worth living. He empowers you to live in His victory through all circumstances. Praise the Lord.

  2. that happens to your soul and character when you find the person of Jesus

    I think He helped because he found me.

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