Dim Sum – The end of an era in Singapore, the beginning of eternity for Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Mr Lee Kuan Yew the first Prime Minister of Singapore passed away on 23  March 2015, at 3.18am. Singapore was his abiding passion –  he gave his life for Singapore. In an emotional speech this morning, his son the third Prime Minister of Singapore said – he made us proud and brought Singapore to where it is today. In mourning let us continue the spirit of our founding father.

As  Singaporeans mourn his passing so  ends one era for Singapore.

Many people in Singapore of many religions prayed for Mr Lee in his last days.

Today he faces the truth according to God’s Word  – life on earth is past and he is in  eternity according to his  choice to accept or not to accept  the Truth, the Way and the Life .

It was the prayer of many Christians that The Lord Himself will have mercy and grace to make Himself known to Mr Lee Kuan Yew while he lay in a semi conscious state since February 5, 2015. We know The Lord is just and Mr Lee  had his opportunity to accept eternal life in heaven or in hell.

We all , no matter our status in life, will face our eternity when our life on earth is past. It will be opportunity past to enjoy the bliss of heaven and to see our Lord face to face if we choose not to accept the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Where are you Mr Lee? We wish the best for Mr Lee Kuan Yew. May he rest in peace.


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