Children’s Corner – Kids Read – A Stream


By Gary Bertnick

A clear stream flows

Down back, behind the house

Not too big, not too wide

Not too deep,

Big trees along the banks

Ducks and small fish seen, even a frog or two,

Place to explore, rocks and sticks to throw

Things to build, new things always to do,

Digging and raking and pulling

Rocks to pile up

Maybe to make a dam or a bridge.

Talk and chatter and much laughter

And this sleepy, small stream comes to life

A time made richer

A day made fuller

Light heartedness only grows

Passed easily, freely from one to another.

Serious work, tough jobs wait to be done

Gladness waits to cover like a new tent

Like the branches of the trees nearby;

The energy dances about, the scene bubbles

In the most sincere playfulness,

Simplicity and honesty rule along with the bright sunshine,

Sweet light to see, good light for warmth

As all the youthful energy charges about

So much to do,

Then, even more

As time flows by

Evaporates like the morning dew quickly gone

Youthful nature youthfully sown.


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