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Did you know that someone is really interested in you and cares about you? In fact, he likes to spend lots of time speaking into your life in many different ways. He is very sly and is proud of his title, “Father of Lies.”

So you are probably wondering, “How and why does he care about me?”

The fact is, satan cares about how he can influence you away from the Father of Truth. He wants to hurt God by encouraging you to believe that you are not worth anything to God.

So he feeds you lies that you are not as beautiful or intelligent like your friends or that drugs and alcohol are okay to do because you’re having a rough time and need to feel better.

He wants you to believe that all teens have sex and it’s not a big deal and not even horrible if you have a gay or bisexual relationship because you are just experimenting and figuring out yourself.

Yes, he wants you to fall in the trap that suicide is a way out of life’s problems and that he would understand because he represents the world that feels sorry for you, enough to escape from them permanently. He also wants you to say to yourself that being thin is acceptable and that it’s nobody’s business if you don’t eat or if you purge your food.

He cares alright. He cares enough to make sure you feel like a failure to others, yourself and God. He sympathizes and encourages you to feel too guilty to go to Christ with your burdens and sins but helps you continue in your sin and gets you to push behind those thoughts in your mind.

Now, you may ask, “Why is he taking all this effort to speak into my life like this?”
Satan’s main job is to rob, steal, and destroy as it says in John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.”

He wants to rob you of your joy, your peace, your calling and purpose in life. Why? Did you know that satan is scared of you? That’s right. You see, when you accepted Jesus Christ into your life, you were covered by His blood that was shed on the cross. That is why you are able to be forgiven and made whole again because of His sacrificial love. Would satan do that for you? No.

Satan also knows that your generation could very well be the one with the next prophet or prophetess who brings salvation to the many lost and gather the saved such as Moses or Esther. You could be the next pastor, evangelist, or missionary. You could also be the next Christian counselor that helps other teens who are struggling, hurting, and in crisis.

My daughter who is almost 17 is starting to see God really move in her life. Sadly, the prior years before this she didn’t believe it. In fact, she didn’t think God loved her or cared about her.

She started to self-harm from all her hurts she had experienced in her young life. She started looking at porn because she thought she was ugly with very low self-esteem about her body. Because of feelings of being unwanted by her birth family, she thought and believed that she was the outcast, the unworthy. Then began her thoughts of suicide.

She believed and was convinced by so many lies. Some of those lies sounded like this:

You’re ugly.
Nobody wants you.
You’re not worthy of anyone’s love.
You’re different from everyone else.
No one cares about you.
God can’t even look at you.
You won’t go to heaven.
God could never accept you.
You deserve hell.

One day, my daughter asked me, “Why does satan want me dead?” A very valid question. She didn’t understand why she had to hurt so much and why she always felt attacked.

What she didn’t realize is that God had a major calling in her life to minister to others her age and younger that are struggling with what she went through and how God pulled her out of it. Of course, satan didn’t like that and made sure to try to discourage her in every way.

When she started to ask God to reveal Himself to her and to show her that He really cared, the emotional chains began to be broken and she started to experience God’s love and care in a way she never saw before – through others, through situations, through experiences and through His Word. She realized that God was with her all the time, but she didn’t see it because she was busy listening to all the lies satan was telling her.

Praying for God’s truth to break through the chain of lies is the only way you can be set free.

Dear Lord, Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long. (Psalm 25:5 paraphrased)

Help me Lord to know the truth, and the truth will set me free.” John 8:32 (paraphrased)

Jesus is the Only Truth you need. Don’t believe the father of lies any longer. Take time to listen to the voice of truth – Jesus Christ.

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I am foremost a mom who loves to write. My passion is writing a support blog for parents of troubled and hurting teens at AnchorOfPromise.com. When I'm not writing, I am sharing my life with my family, our beloved furry friends and spending times in fellowship with close friends.
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  1. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. Planting Potatoes says:

    what a blessing your words are today! I was homeless and attempted suicide – but God saved me – and I realized that all those same questions I was asking myself were wrong and did not come from God! good read!

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