Please Don’t Go

This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your word has revived me.

Psalm 119: 50

Afflictions come in many forms: physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational, etc. Affliction is basically defined as something that causes pain or suffering. An illness, a traumatic event, a bad past with creditors, a horrible divorce, all these things could cause pain or suffering of some sort. Sometimes it is brought on by the sufferer and sometimes bad things happen to good people. Whatever the case is, there are different ways we react to these afflictions.

For the afflictions we bring upon ourselves, we rightfully would choose to make things right on our own. A bad divorce could cause someone to look in the mirror and make necessary changes to improve him/herself, or play the blame game and fight it out in court making a messy situation even messier. Many relationships could either suffer greatly or be mended. A bad past with creditors could cause one to either get a few jobs and pay off bad credit, or just suffer with the bad credit score and hope for the best.

For afflictions that seem to just come upon us, such as, a bad accident that causes surgery which causes a possible unexpected life change, many would rely upon the doctors and lawyers to do their jobs and in time everything would end up fine, expecting their life to go back to normal eventually.

For those suffering any type of affliction, it is always good to take on a godly perspective. The bible has much to say about afflictions and how we are to respond. The way we respond to afflictions will show others our character and we can then either bring glory to God or look in the mirror ourselves and do some internal changes of our own.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Psalm 34: 19

First, we should realize, once we become a Christian, we signed up for a life of possible afflictions. If anyone came to Christ expecting an easy path to heaven, they were misled for sure. Most of these afflictions are brought upon us by our enemy, the devil, who comes to, “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10: 10). But, with the proper perspective, we can rest and know that the Lord will deliver us from them all, praise God!

Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now I keep Your word.

Psalm 119: 67

Second, we need to realize there is a humbling affect to some of our afflictions. Think about any affliction you are currently going through at this time. Is it the result of purposeful disobedience to God’s known will in your life? If so, endure it! Don’t run away from it. This psalmist was in the process of patient endurance rather than hasty arrogance. When we bring  upon our own affliction it may be best that we learn humility at that time rather than have to learn it later on.

There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven.

Eccl 3: 1

One thing human nature likes to teach us is, if we are ever put in a position of suffering, do everything to get out of it. We don’t like pain and suffering. We don’t like when others can do something that we can’t do because of the affliction we suffer. We ask God to get us out of a situation and if He doesn’t answer we try on our own to get out of it. But there is an appointed time. God does know when we suffer, whether its for doing wrong or just for obeying God’s will.

What if, at the end of your affliction, there would be many salvations. Imagine your entire family of non Christians would come to Christ after watching you endure your affliction to the end? What if, you enduring to the end caused many to come to Christ even after your death? There is no limitations on how God uses obedience. His will can be done through obedience.

So here is the tie in. David says in the earlier verse that  he finds comfort in his affliction, through God’s word, which revives him! The trick is to be walking in God’s words. By knowing God’s words before the affliction, and I’m sure during as well, David was comforted. To be revived means to be brought back to life. When you know God’s word, I mean, when you and God’s word are companions, you can live through your affliction with the same comfort that David speaks of here.

Please don’t run away from your afflictions! Be comforted by God’s words and be blessed!

About djb7771db

Hello I'm Dave and my goal in life is to help lead others to pursue God's purpose for their life. I believe words are so powerful. They can be used to make someone's day or to tear one's psyche apart. They also can be quite neutral, used for small talk. Many of us can small talk. What about using words to change the direction of someone's life! With all the problems in todays society it truly is time to get back to the basics of life. We as a society have become to smart for our own good! The Bible tells us that knowledge puffs up. Just watch cable tv and you will see many highly educated arrogant people lol! I believe many problems of life can be simply summed up in perspective. You may very well refute this concept but many factors go into the problems of a society. When society is holistically healthy, meaning healthy in the body, mind, and spirit, and they are teaching their next generation to be holistically healthy as well, I truly believe there would be less problems of the level of 21st century America. This is why I believe words are so powerful. If you know the way to live a holistically healthy life and are blessed to live it out you are responsible to pass it on. Choose the words in your daily vocabulary carefully. You may not see whole scale changes especially overnight but you may see glimpses here and there. The Bible makes it clear that we need to have control over our tongue, and in this case, our blog pages. We can bless or curse with our vocabulary. In some cases we do both in the same day ( and on multiple occasions, dare I say). Let's choose to be a blessing with our words. With all that said, I want to use this blog to encourage people in the areas mentioned above: physical health, spiritual health, mental health, and healthy parenting habits. I have no degrees or certificates in any of these areas, but I have the experiences of a 40-something husband/father, and more importantly, I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and with Him in His rightful place in my life the BIble is a teacher like no other. Thank you for reading this page and may God bless you greatly!
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