The Stone and the Gold

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Worship music played and bounced off of the walls surrounding me as I rested in the presence of God.  I had no agenda.  I just wanted to be with Him.

It wasn’t long before I began to hear His soft voice grab my attention.  He asked me to look and I saw a large stone.  It just seemed to hover before me like a marionette.  But it was still.

As I watched I began to see a small rock hammer begin to chip away at the stone.  The strokes were gentle but strong enough to crumble the stone a little at a time.

As the rock hammer chipped deeper a shimmering light fought to break through.  It was golden in color, coming from something underneath the hard exterior.  The more the hammer worked the more gold broke through.  Then I began to hear the Lord speak.

He talked to me about the treasure that lies just below the surface.  See, the gold was a precious heart and Lord wielded the hammer.  He told me that He had to be gentle because He didn’t want to damage what was underneath.  So He takes His time, longsuffering in His work to make sure the strokes He takes are laden with love and tenderness.

Then He began to speak to me about how we sometimes speak to each other when we have truth we feel others need.  Especially the prophetic types (that’s me).  He showed me the damage that’s done to the precious treasure beneath the stone when we are reckless with the hammer.

There are times we grab ahold of that hammer, close our eyes, and bring it down with as much force as we can muster.  We do this either unaware of the damage it causes, or we just don’t care because we feel justified by the truth we came to bring.

And it’s true isn’t it?  I can think of times the Lord gave me a message for someone and I used it like a bludgeon.  I didn’t think to wait around and find out how God wanted me to give the word or if He even wanted me to give it at all.

But the biggest thing I didn’t understand back then was the true character of God, His love that should be the first thing we reflect to people.  Especially those we minister too, those to whom we are representing the Father who draws us to His side with kindness (Rom 2:4).

We do not have the right, no matter who the person is, to sacrifice love, honor, and respect on the alter of truth.  I’ll tell you one thing for sure, truth will be nothing more than a clanging symbol if it’s not encased in love.  And that truth will be a pickaxe that damages a heart God holds so closely to His own.


Jesse and Kara Birkey

About jessebirkey

Firefighter/Paramedic, Author and minister of the gospel.
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