I JUST PRAYED FOR YOU – in Israel and Philippines.

Dear Father in heaven, I am so glad that you are with me in Singapore this Sunday afternoon and with the two readers one from the Philippines and one from Israel. It is only because You are Omnipresent that it is so wonderful to serve You. It is so wonderful that no matter what we are undergoing You are with us – whether it is national insecurity or loneliness because family is away from home.

Lord, we thank You that You are our Refuge and Salvation – from the evils in the world which is targeted at us to distract us from hearing Your Word, obeying and doing Your will.

Forgive us Lord

– for listening more to the distractions that draw us away from You who love us most,

– for us stubbornly thinking and acting as if we know more than You.

We pray that You will help us to learn to wait upon You that we may rise up with wings as eagles, renewed and motivated to spread Your gospel of love and peace to our families, friends and all around the world. In Jesus’Name, Amen.

From We are Connected Global Statistics Pageview

Sunday Singapore time

15:24:48 Philippines Quezon City, Quezon City

15:19:18 Singapore Singapore

15:18:55 Israel

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1 Response to I JUST PRAYED FOR YOU – in Israel and Philippines.

  1. From Del Mar, California I join you in prayer for the whole world to turn to God and be healed! For the eyes and ears of the heart to open and be enlightened, to spiritually perceive all that Christ Jesus did for us! For every heart to bow and be filled with God’s Holy Spirit; for Spirit to pour upon all flesh! To know the Truth of Christ and be set free!!!!!!!! Father we thank you for blessings and life and I speak blessings and life to the entire earth in Jesus’ Name above every name! Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!! ~Yvonne

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