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Finding Mission Trip Devotions

Where can I find good devotions to use on a mission trip?

By ShortTermMissions.com community

Mission trips provide a great opportunity for personal growth. To make the most of it, be intentional about seeking God during this time. Ask him to guide you, shape your attitude, help you interpret what you’re seeing, hearing, and feeling, and lock in the lessons you learn. Daily devotions on your own or with your group often help. They can play a big part in making a mission trip a life-changing experience!

1. Devotional booklets

Deeper Roots Publications publishes a number of great devotionals designed for use before, during, and after mission trips. These are created to focus on things people commonly experience while on a mission trip. STEM International also carries resources from a number of sources, including three workbooks that weave together instruction, Bible study, and journaling:

Some teams use their devotional time to explore what the scriptures have to say about God’s global mission; you might also consider such an approach as pre-trip homework. Several small group Bible study booklets that do this well:

If one of these guides catches your eye, why not order a copy today and review it for your group?

2. Free materials

Some groups which send out short termers have created devotional materials designed for their mission teams which can be downloaded free from their websites. Here are a few we’ve found:

3. Do it yourself

Consider writing your own materials. Devotions rooted in your own walk with God seem to have a special power and significance. How about an inductive study, using basic Bible study questions and going through a chunk of scripture during your time together? Perhaps you would study the Sermon on the Mount, the book of Philippians, John 17, or the “one another” verses in the New Testament. You might also want to ask members of the group to take turns leading group devotions, especially if the trip is a little longer. This helps distribute responsibilities, stretch your team members, and encourage their leadership skills. It can also subtly remind team member that each person sees the world through different eyes and has something unique to contribute. http://www.shorttermmissions.com/articles/devotions

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