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Mission Team Training

Where can I find good resources to use in training a team?

By ShortTermMissions.com community

1. Take a good look at what you already have.

Many of the essentials for fielding a well-prepared short-term mission team stay the same over the years. Your list might include timeless topics like servanthood, expectations, teamwork, responding to culture shock, and re-entry – as well as practical matters that may change and vary, such as site briefing, logistics, security, and fundraising.

Look around your church, ministry, or community for others with short-term mission experience who are wise, enthusiastic, and able to teach. Enlist them to help you design and deliver mission team training around these topics. Make your training interactive. Don’t give participants more information than they can digest. On the other hand, avoid making things up as you go. Be clear from the start on what the preparation process will entail and how much time it will require of those who participate.

You should also consult with any field partners with whom you are working. Be sure you are on the same page about the team and how they should be equipped. Your field partners may have some great suggestions and helpful tools for training the team.

2. Access materials online.

Delta Ministries offers a free Short-Term Mission Starter Kit with resources for prayer, encouragement, training, follow-up and more. It draws on resources and principles also found in the more extensive curriculum, The Next Mile.

Round Trip Missions is a curriculum based on five video sessions designed to help a team prepare for the trip, navigate the challenges of cross-cultural relationships and team dynamics, and return with lasting relationships and personal transformation. It is published by Building Church Leaders, which also offers downloadable articles previously published in Christianity Today and related publications and designed to equip mission teams.

3. Purchase books and materials.

STEM International (Short-Term Evangelical Missions) has a well-stocked online bookstore with many resources. Some of the most popular and helpful short-term mission resources include:

  • Short-term Missions Workbook: From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens, by Tim Dearborn
  • Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot and Cold Climate Cultures, by Sarah Lanier
  • Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing STM with Cultural Intelligence, by David Livermore
  • Ministering Cross-Culturally: An International Model for Developing Personal Relationships, by Lingenfelter and Mayers

See also Short-Term Mission Resources, a list from the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission.

For a useful, basic training model that can be used with any team, consider the curriculum available from CultureLink, which also offers seminars to equip trainers in its use.


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