Gems and Garbage


A couple of days ago I was spending some time just resting with the Lord when I saw a picture of hand tightly closed in a fist.

It was clear that there was something very important inside of that grip and it was being protected as best it could be.  As I watched, a couple of fingers reluctantly relaxed their hold as if being pried back by an unseen force.

I could almost hear the strain as the hand fought to remain closed but finally it surrendered and revealed what was inside.

Mold and filth clung to a piece of garbage compressed into a small lump that sat in the center of the open palm.

Then I heard the Lord begin to speak.  He explained that sometimes there are things in our lives we view as precious jewels.  We cling so desperately to them for a variety of reasons that all come to the same premise:  They give us life.

But the thing is that they don’t.  They are actually no more than filthy, moldy garbage letting off a stink that would scrunch the nose of Oscar The Grouch.  Not only that but the bacteria living on them infects us and everything around us, seeking to soil and destroy whatever it can.  What we feel gives us life is actually ripping us apart from the inside out.

It would be great if it were easy to identify what that garbage is we’re seeing as precious stones.  But it’s not always so easy.

It would be great if it were easy to hear the voice of God as He exposes the jewels for the filth they are.  But it’s not always so easy.

We fight so desperately to hold on to the things we believe add value, worth, and significance to our lives.  Why wouldn’t we?  If we let go of those things so goes our value, worth, and significance.  There’s a lot at stake.  This is why it can be so difficult to identify or hear God expose the waste.  Our ears and hearts have a tendency to quickly go deaf when something is challenged we feel is vital.  But the truth is if our worth, value, and significance doesn’t emanate from the gem of God’s perfect love, it’s garbage.

God is so faithful and He will expose the things that need to change in us.  But we must continue to diligently seek Him and invite Him to show us things that will cause a visceral reaction inside.  We must be willing to become aware of negative behavior and investigate why we’re acting the way we are.  We must keep the ears of our hearts open.

So what is the garbage in your life sparkling like gems?

Jesse and Kara Birkey

About jessebirkey

Firefighter/Paramedic, Author and minister of the gospel.
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