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ChristianBlessings welcomes Jinah Fortich as our new Contributor to Teens Blog every Wednesday from today. May you be blessed by her testimony and witness through her blogs.  She will supplement Stacy Flury on Teens Blog.



Jinah Fortich and a friend

“Hi! My name is Jinah Fortich from the Philippines. I am sometimes an amateur poet, other times an aspiring blogger –yet altogether saved by the grace of Christ.My testimony for knowing Christ is fairly simple. It was approximately a decade ago when I entered the university. I was with friends then, when this woman approached us and shared to us the gospel. At first, I was very hesitant about what she was saying; I believed I knew God enough not to be deceived by some other false religious ministries in school. When she had finished sharing, she asked us if we’d like to have a follow-up meeting. We didn’t want to be rude so we just obliged. That was my first-ever encounter with the gospel.

Fast forward 2 years after, it was when I lost my father that made me come to Christ. I had a life of living right before that, I was a fairly good child -no vices, had good friends and was a good student –and so I think! When I lost my father, I felt extremely sad. Iwas going to school for my parents -I wanted them to have a better life. When he died, I felt that the reason why I was going to school didn’t matter anymore (for a time). In the next years in school, I made bad choices –so I failed in my subjects and changed courses a few times. That was the point in my life when I asked God what He really wanted me to do with my life.

I had so many dreams (selfish dreams) but then I seem to not even know what to do anymore, following my former mishaps in school. It was very frustrating for me that I had to do subjects over and over again. Over time, I have slowly developed certain desires to work for a ministry, but I could not imagine giving up my worldly dreams of having a successful career and go full time with ministry.

I remember one day, after feeling very hopeless, I just prayed “God, take me to the place where you want
me to be. I want to be in a place where You know I can be my best for You.” Following that, the Lord has openedmy eyes that I was making my would-be career or my schooling a “god” of some sort in my life. If I were to recall those moments, I would say that if not for the grace of God alone, I seriously don’t know where or what I will be doing right now. That was just terrible. I felt like the world was crushing down on me. I felt like a failure. People would mock after hearing that I had yet transferred to another course. I felt I was the most stupid person alive (talk about pride). It was too embarrassing for me although looking back; it would never even get close to an inch compared to what Christ has endured for me. I wanted to be good in school and want to put aside ministry. I made up excuses of why I could not go to Church or why I could not commit to ministry or fellowship for the Lord. I had my own idea of faith, I thought reading the Bible on my own and praying was enough.

The Lord has been extremely gracious to me –well, He has always been. He saved me from total
wretchedness and my swelling pride. He had brought down my ideals and crushed my dreams only to replace it with better ones –His ideals and dreams. I have found a Biblically-based Church I am now part of. I have finished school and am now working as a freelance writer and editor online. On my blog, I share writings about life and faith.

Before, my motivations for life were to be successful and be financially secured, the Lord has taught me that success is not defined by the achievements you gain for the world and that life’s security rests in Him alone. My testimony of faith might be odd to some extent. But honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful
that God used those bad experiences to correct my path, to lead me closer in knowing Him and making Him the Lord and Savior of my life.
I hope you are blessed by this testimony. Thank you.”


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sometimes a poet, sometimes a blogger -altogether saved by the Grace of Christ
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