Some old divine is quoted as saying, “Never go to the Bible for a sermon. But by His grace, if you read it properly you will come away with one.”  Well! I did not go looking for a blog, a thought, a book or a film – all I wanted was more of Him. I saw the direction of encapsulating what Acts 19 and 20 was all about and simply started writing.  It had something like 30,000 hits while it was on blogger (now deleted), and has had just short of 18,000 hits on WordPress.

No delusions of grandeur there! After all just short of 50,000 hits all told in a world where literally billions of people are surfing the net is hardly anything to write home about. However, the fascinating comments, mostly by email (why folks don’t make comments more on the blog itself I have no idea) led to suggestions of friends to make it more solid in book form.

usSo! When you see it in the shops, or on Amazon it will look like this picture attached above! As I am hardly a name de force in the book world, you might need to ask your book store for the following item, or Google “Management of the Miraculous” on Amazon.

It has a few more chapters than has been released on Christian Blessings, and one or two deleted as well. It’s an elucidation of New Testament strategy for twenty first century evangelism. Be blessed!

Management of the Miraculous. Author: Keith Lannon

ISBN  9781498450157.

Published by Xulon Press.

It’s on Kindle now and presented as a 397 page turner. Can’t be bad.

Find it on:

Kindle’s blurb is below:

An insightful read of Paul’s mission to Ephesus, together with a band of 12 disciples who finished up taking an entire subcontinent for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Surely this was the peak of apostolic ministry, and the epitome of God designed evangelism. The power, character and grace of God harnessed in the heart of the apostle reveals his skilful management of the miraculous.

“An eminently readable and well researched perspective on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts seen through the lens of practical example and personal anecdotes.”         John Glass, General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Church

“Laced with personal experience and well researched, this book will challenge those who are looking for healing, or are puzzled by the very word miracle.” Adrian Hawkes Author and Director Phoenix Community Care (A charity working with very vulnerable refugees)

“Keith Lannon is a very good friend and a member of our church at Opengate, and they are not the reasons why I warmly commend his latest book ‘Management of the Miraculous.’ In fact here is a book that will be really helpful to anyone that wishes to learn about the early church, written in a clear and engaging style! A great read indeed!”  Rev. Graham Banks. Minister of Opengate Church, Bognor Regis, UK.

Ordained into ministry in 1973, Keith is married to Amanda and lives on the South Coast of England in West Sussex. They are both active members of the thriving Opengate Church in Bognor Regis. His expertise comes from extensive travelling and ministering across cultures.

About Keith Lannon

Loving Christ more everyday.
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  1. ptl2010 says:

    Keith, I missed this post as I was preparing for my Nepal VBS Mission trip. Now I have returned, Congratulations on the printing of the book and I Wish you success. I will be looking out for it in the Christian Bookshop in Singapore.

    Thank you for your blogs posted on ChristianBlessings. God bless.

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